Hero Reworks, by Moalze

Down are listed some of the reworks made by Moalze in the original forums. I’ve decided to post those since they’d make great examples for anyone intending to create a hero rework thread. Archived by @Methaliana
Also, for the sake of not spamming threads, all the reworks will be present here.

This thread includes reworks for Vox, Ozo, and Fortress

Vox rework:

Vox has been considered a strong pick in almost any team comp ever since his release in patch 1.3. Eighteen patches have passed since and throughout that time frame, Vox has received nerfs, changes, hotfixes, and an unnecessary rework (very ironic). None however, no matter how strong the nerf, were able to put Vox in a balanced position. His most successful build is always alternating between CP and WP.

The player base has a multitude of opinions when asked about Vox. You may hate em, love em, but one thing’s for sure, he is the bane of every SoloQ player. This is because CP Vox builds on the positioning mistakes of your allies, way more than Vox’s own outplays.

In this edition of my rework series, my goal is make Vox depend more on his own outplays than enemy misplays, in addition to easing the SoloQ experience versus a Vox.

Note: If you only want to read balance changes, read bulletined lines. Yellow lines are only for explanation.

Shifting away from Stats towards abilities

Attack speed down from 100-151% to 100-124%
Base weapon down from 72-149 to 72-126

Attack speed has been nerfed but a few changes to his A will compensate for this. For Vox players to reach the same/higher attack speed levels as before, they must utilize their abilities properly, meaning a good Vox will yield better results than an ok one.

Compared to other ranged heroes, Vox’s base weapon is pretty high. Combined with his high attack speed and buffed range, one Vox build started to become dominant, Breaking Point and double Monocle. Hence Vox’s base weapon has taken a hit, making it hard to stack BP without buying other weapon items.

Julia’s Song
Shifting focus away from attack speed for crystal Vox

Bounces will no longer trigger every time Vox basic attacks an enemy that is suffering from Resonance.
Instead, basic attacking an enemy suffering from Resonance will add 1 stack of Volatility (Max 3 stacks) At 1 Volatility stack, the enemy will resonate every 4 seconds, triggering bounces to nearby enemies. For every additional stack of Volatility, duration between bounces is decreased by 1.25 seconds.

This change was made so that not all CP Vox players have to get Alternating Current. Currently, every CP Vox has to get AC as a first item or they’ll underperform. Now, buying attack speed will increase how fast Vox can apply stacks. But since there is a cap, attack speed won’t increase Vox’s dps a lot, especially in a long drawn out fight.

Vox now has the option to go other first items such as FB, BM, SG, etc. This promotes build creation rather than forcing all Voxes to get the same first item every single game.

CP Vox’s playstyle also changed. Currently, his playstyle is focus the support, now it’s spread out your attacks. CP Vox truly does what he is intended to do now, and that is to wear down all enemies rather than destroy 2 quickly.

Harder laning phase, smoother power growth

Bounce damage up from 20 (+90% CR) to 50-126 (+100% CR)
Bounce range down from 6 to 4
Duration of Resonance up from 3.5 to 4

CP Vox was hitting his spike a little too early, it wasn’t spread out well. So, Vox’s B no longer increases bounce damage (no longer has a huge spike at level 8) bit the base damage now scales with levels so CP Vox steadily grows in strength as he gains more levels past 8.

Bounce range has been reduced, but now scales with B rank. This change was aimed to make Vox’s laning phase a little hard but keep his mid-late game pressure strong. Also if Vox happens to catch someone in that range, he deals more damage than before. (Bounce damage up from 40 (20 from base, 20 from Pulse) to 50 at level 1.

Quality of Life, for the enemy.

If an ally is suffering from Resonance, a dashed circle will appear around them (the hero being the center), indicating the exact range of Vox bounces.
Number of Volatility stacks a hero is suffering from is indicated by a three dash circle around the hero’s model. At 0 Volatility stacks, no dash will light up. At three Volatility stacks, 3 separate dashes will light up. Additionally, at 3 stacks, the dashed circle will spin rapidly.
Bounces no longer apply Resonance to heroes, it only resets previously applies Resonance. Bounces still apply Resonance to minions.

This is a must have change that honestly has long been overdue. This allows new players to see the exact range of Vox’s bounces, so they’ll be able to avoid damage. While this change won’t affect high elo players since they have Vox’s bounce range in muscle memory, it will help low-mid tier players greatly and help Solo Q since allies will more likely avoid the areas.

Bounces can only apply Resonance to non-heroes. This change was made to keep rewarding Voxes who spread their Resonance from wave to another without having to use Pulse, but it also prevents Vox from punishing a single positioning mistake too much. Again, if your Solo Q teammates aren’t good and trigger bounces to you, you won’t be punished by Resonance. Only punished by damage.

Sound effect for basic attacking Resonanced enemies changed.
Resonanced enemies will hear a ringing sound while suffering from Resonance.

Aesthetic improvements are always nice.

Sonic Zoom
Less sustain, more burst

Charge time up from 5-4.5-4-3.5-3 to 10-9-8-7-6
Can hold 2-2-2-2-3 charges of this ability (can use a charge every 1 second)
Weapon ratio up from 50-50-50-50-60% to 50-55-60-65-70%

Adding a charge system to SZ and nerfing the cooldown will make WP Vox’s initial burst much scarier but he deals less damage overall in a drawn out teamfight. This also helps CP Vox in getting his stacks out faster.

Overdrive: Whenever Vox Sonic Zooms an enemy, he gains +50% attack speed for the next 3 attacks for the next 5 seconds when basic attacking that enemy. Vox loses this extra attack speed if he basic attacks a different enemy.

As a compensation to the attack speed nerf, WP Voc can now get more dps from his attacks if he spreads out his A usage coupled with focusing a single enemy. A bad Vox would use all his A charges together, or he’ll switch targets frequently in a teamfight.

Riskier to spam

Cooldown up from 10-10-10-10-7 to 18
Cooldown reduced by 2 second for every minion and 3-3-3-3-4 for every hero the pulse applies Resonance to
Reduced by 0.5 second every time Vox basic attacks

If a Vox uses his B properly, he will get the same/less CD on his B than before. Vox will get punished for missing his B or if it gets blocked. Huray for more enemy counterplay.

Increase range of bounces by 0.5-1-1.5-2-2.5
Bonus damage removed

Again, CP Vox now has a smoother powerspike. His mid game is no longer as strong as it used to. But in return, his late game is slightly more powerful due to the extra 0.5 range.

Added 1.6 second delay before Pulse is activated. Visual indication to when Pulse is first activated.
Pulse follows Vox instead of being stationary at where it was cast
Travel speed of Pulse greatly increased
Radius down from 10 to 8

Adding a delay to Pulse will allow enemies to realistically block Pulse at close range, allowing for more counter play by the enemy team. Making Pulse faster and follow Vox allows Vox himself to outplay the enemies by charging it in a push then using SZ. This gives Pulse an effective range of 11.5. But that outplay can still be prevented by a team with good vision.

Wait for It…
Multi-use ability that’s useful for both CP and WP

Opens up a 10 meter target circle. Clicking on an enemy will make Vox channel for 1.4 seconds (decreased by attack speed) and then release a single basic attack to that target. This basic attack applies Resonance and always crits. (Requires 1 charge) (Vox is revealed while channeling this ability)
If Vox clicks on himself, Vox will channel for 1.4 seconds (not reduced by attack speed). When the 1.4 second channel ends, all enemies who are suffering from Resonance will trigger bounces to nearby enemies within 5.5 meter range every 0.75 seconds for 3 seconds. (Requires 2 charges) Vox cannot move, attack, or use abilities during that 3 second channel. (If Vox is in a bush while channeling this ability, he is not revealed.)
Charges generate every 35-30-25 seconds. Max 3 charges.

Let’s be honest. Old Vox ultimate wasn’t that great. For WP, it has completed useless other that a delayed 0.7 silence and some damage. While for CP, alone, it didn’t terrorize an enemy team as much as it should. Notice that I said alone. An ult+SZ+basic attacks dealt a huge amount of damage, but most of the damage was actually from SZ+basic attacks.

So I’m going to rework this ability completely to make some empowering situations for Vox when used properly.

Targeted ult. It’s great on WP Vox for maintaining his BP stacks a little bit longer, picking off a kill. For CP Vox, it’s great at reliably applying Resonance to an enemy if you’re desperate since your B got blocked. It allows CP Vox to at least deal some damage while his B is on cooldown.

Self ultimate. This ability is so empowering as a CP Vox. The absolute confusion it can cause in teamfight, the sheer amount of damage it can reach, and most importantly, enemies can outplay this ultimate. If enemies have vision or a stun, they can outplay this ult. If Vox catches them when they don’t have neither, he can deal a tremendous amount of damage.

Imagine this situation. You are a full build CP Vox alone in a bush. 3 clumped up enemies are going facecheck that bush. You use your B+C. When the delay of your B is over, your C finished it’s own channel. Bounces galore. That ult would feel so satisfying. It brings back the 1v3 feel of 1.3 Vox but it includes a lot of outplay potential.

And that’s all folks. This was my rework of Vox that I truly believe will make him more rewarding to play, and more rewarding to counter properly. Thanks to everyone who read this rework and this is Moa signing out.

Ozo rework:

Ozo is an odd case of a character. He is one of the only heroes that hasn’t been meta ever since his release. There has always been characters who do his job better and much safer.

If we take a look at Ozo’s kit, we can see a passive that defines the true meaning of “passive”. It doesn’t affect in game decision making at all. Not one bit. It just makes everything he receives better. Extra heal? That’s cool to have. Extra barrier? Neat. Never once has it made a change in decision, it only makes your typical decisions better.

We can also see an ult lacking in power in mid-high elo where it almost always get blocked/escaped from. The best use of this ult would be as gap closer/ok damage dealer.

In this rework, I’ll attempt to remedy such issues, in addition to making him a more intricate hero with a unique play style. I plan on solidifying CP and WP Ozo’s roles as tanky bruiser and semi durable high dps carry respectively. One main focus point is RNG (random number generation) or luck. Vainglory has almost an utter lack of luck based abilities aside from critical strikes, which I find is odd… So without further ado, let’s get started!

Note: If you only want to read balance changes, read bulletined lines. Orange lines are only for explanation. Also, I lack the statistics to properly balance the numbers of this rework, so take more concern towards the direction of the change rather than details.

A shift in power

Health up from 780-1825 to 780-1997
Armor/shield down from 20-86 to 20-70
Attack speed down from 100-136% to 100-120%
Range up from 1.7 to 2

Due to Ozo’s self healing being buffed in this rework (see passive), Ozo’s armor/shield were reduced. This reduces the effectiveness of the healing. (For example, a 100 heal with 100 shield is worse than a 100 heal with 200 shield, even though the heal is the same.)

To keep Ozo have the same tankiness late game, his health pol was increased as compensation. EHP at level 12 remains the same as before this this rework.

Ozo’s basic attack range is 0.3 less than the average melee range. A range increase helps with the fluidity of Ozo’s attacks and grants extra reach. That extra basic attack you get in because of your improved range could mean the difference between getting an ace or aced.

Carnie Luck
More depth and RNJesus

If Ozo is above 40% HP, he gains +20% crit chance and abilities deal 15% amplified Crystal damage
If Ozo is below 65% HP, he receives 15-30% additional fortified health, healing, and barrier from all sources and +20% crit damage
If Ozo is below 15% HP, he gains 25% evasion to all sources of damage, but all damage he receives is amplified by 15%
Whenever Ozo damages an enemy with his abilities, he heals himself for 5 + 20% CR (33% as effective vs lane minions). If the ability’s damage criticals, the heal is increased by 50%

Ozo’s passive is no longer an always on buff that doesn’t affect play style. Ozo now has a unique play style shared by no other and that is to balance HP levels.

If Ozo wishes to gain most of the benefits from his passive, he has a 25% HP window he has to stay in for those traits to be active. If he goes too low, he does less damage. If he goes too high, he does less damage and heals less. Staying in that 30% HP range is optimal and Ozo has a lot of ways to heal to stay in that range.

Since we have luck based abilities in our sights, Ozo’s damage amp to WP damage is based on luck (crit).

Also if Ozo reaches critical hp levels, he gains evasion which lets him dodge 20% of all damage. In turn he receives extra damage from what hits him. If Ozo is lucky, he could be immune in this phase. If he isn’t lucky, he dies instantly.

To counter evasion, the enemy must have a burst hero. If an Ozo is at 16% health and receives a Kestrel snipe to the face, his evasion won’t ever trigger.

Finally, the heal was shifted from only A to all his abilities, but the heal was nerfed. This makes the heal more spread out and emphasizes Ozo’s weakness to burst. The heal is in general better but over longer durations of time.

Three-Ring Circus

Cooldown changed from 8-7.5-7-6.5-5 seconds to 2.75-2.5-2.25-2-1.5 seconds added to the cooldown per activation
Energy cost changed from 50-55-60-65-75 to 20-20-20-20-25 per activation
Upgrading this ability increases Carnie Luck’s heal by 5-10-15-20-30
First/second/third activations damage down from 10-20-30-40-50 to 10-15-20-25-30
Second activation range up from 4.5 meters to 6.5

Using only the first/second activations isn’t as costly cooldown and energy wise anymore. Using all 3 activations makes the cooldown and energy cost about the same as before. This is a quality of life change that would help a lot for Ozos who miss their combo and lane Ozo who doesn’t want to dash to a minion a lot of the time.

Since the heal is triggered by all abilities now, it has been reduced. Damage has also been reduced for reasons to be explained in a little bit.

Range increased on second activation as it is immensely difficult to stick to an enemy at the moment. This range increase should help.

First/second/third activations have a 10% (with 15% CR) chance to fortify Ozo’s health by 10+30% CR for 5 seconds
First/second/third activations have a 10% (with 15% WR) chance to deal 0-10-20-30-40+25% WR additional weapon damage

As RNG is a major component in our rework, Ozo now has a chance to for every enemy he hits to receive a temporary boost to his tankiness or pack an extra punch.

Building CP will increase the odds of getting fortified health, in addition to increasing the fortified health itself, improving CP’s tanky aspect. Also, this does not scale with level as CP Ozo usually puts ranks in his B rather than A.

Building WP will increase the odds of extra damage, not to mention increase the actual damage boost. This damage does scale with rank as most WP Ozos put ranks in their A.

Enhanced CC, fit for Ozo’s A-B

Bounce damage changed from 60-120-180-240-300 with 70% CR to 50-100-150-200-250 with 105% CR
Final bounce damage changed from 80-160-240-320-400 with 70% CR to 70-140-210-280-350 with 105% CR
Added damage per bounce changed from 20-40-60-80-100 with 35% to 15-30-45-60-75 with 50% CR
Ozo gains 10-20-30-40-50 barrier with 5% bonus health scaling and 25% WP ratio whenever he bounces on a target. Lasts 1.5 seconds.
Slow duration increased to 1.3 seconds
Slow increased to 85%, now a decaying slow
Final bounce roots enemies for 0.2 seconds + 0.2-0.2-0.2-0.2-0.4 added per bounce

To reduce WP Ozo’s mixed damage output (which is insanely high), base damage for Ozo’s B have been reduced. To keep CP Ozo’s damage relevant, the scaling has been vastly improved. This keeps bounce damage for CP Ozo the same during early-mid game, but more powerful late.

Ozo’s B is hard to change as reduce the delay, and it’ll be very hard to land mupltiple bounces. Keep the delay the same and Ozo remains too long in the air, leading enemies to easily take him out. That is why Ozo now gains barrier every time he bounces.

The slow was shifted from a stable slow to a initially stronger decaying slow to keep enemies clumped up at the start of the jump so you can combo it directly with an A Aoe attack.

Finally, some CC was added to Ozo’s final jump as he was heavily lacking in that department. This change was designed to reward good Ozos who land all 3 bounces and hit the final bounce on multiple enemies. Again, the root helps in keeping enemies in place so you could combo them with you A.

Circus fun stopped by none.

Initial channel duration increased to 1.5 seconds
Ozo receives 15% increased damage while channeling
Range up from 10 to global
Time limit before ability cancels removed
Movespeed while rolling changed from 12 to 11+1 movespeed for every second rolling
If Ozo gets stunned while rolling, Bangarang cancels and goes on a full cooldown
Bangarang can now target all non-heroes except for structures
Cooldown up from 90-65-40 to 80-75-70. Reduced by 1 second every time Ozo basic attacks
Secondary damage up from 125-200-275 with 75% CR to 190-300-410 with 110% CR
This ability is cancelable while rolling by pressing Bangarang again. When canceled, Ozo loses 5 movespeed per second until he reaches 0 movespeed. This ability goes on full cooldown.

I’m going to be frank here. Ozo’s old ult was absolute trash. Any hero with an escape/invis could escape safely from it. Even if they didn’t, it’s extremely easy to reflex block it. Not that it matter since the CC it provides is likewise garbage. It’s easily out-classed by Glaive’s after burn in almost every single way. That is why this ability got changed so much.

Two words. Global presence. Late to a fight? You’ll be there in a jiffy. You jungle duo is invading? Go help them out. So so much can be done with this ult that cannot be done with other heroes. This ability’s damage and CC are not that great but it compensates by providing global mobility.

This ability is designed to demote use during a fight, as you receive increased damage while channelling. If in a pinch, this ability could be used as an escape by activating it on a lane minion, but you need some cover while you channel.

Imo, this version of Bangarang creates more diverse and fun scenarios than the current one, and having fun heroes is my ultimate goal.

And that, my dear friends, has been my rework of Ozo. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you so much for reading it. You don’t know how much it means for me than people actually read what I write. Peace out!

Writer’s Note:
This rework has been requested by the great [USER=266]@Xhaos[/USER] . Sorry it took so long, I had a lot of troubles coming up with ideas and finalizing them. And that is where I thank [USER=7680]@Vincitore[/USER] and my teammates, for providing me with great feedback :heart:️.

Fortress rework:

Fortress was once the mightiest of supports, able to snowball games before you could say Kindred Asunder. But everything changed when the Balance Nation attacked.

One day, SEMC shifted their balance to deter snowballs. A lot of changes were done to negate snowballs such as changing the bounty system and equalizing the early games of heroes. Early game heroes such as Koshka, Fortress, and Adagio received the nerf hammer while heroes such as Krul and Vox got the buff kiss.

Now why is that a problem, you may ask. It’s an issue because it goes completely against what the hero was built for. Snowballs. SEMC shifted his early game power to later stages in the game with lifesteal and overdrives, but that was a wrong move imo.

I’m going to show you my take on what would be a better and more refined Fortress. As a warning, I by no means am a balancing expert when it comes to numbers so take less concern towards them. Also, in this rework, my aim is make Fortress an absolute snowball hero. So here it is!

Fragile murder floof is fragile no more.

Base HP up from 658-1560 to 717-1560
Base WP down from 73-156 to 73-100

Fortress’ EHP versus weapon damage is below the average of melee heroes’ EHP by a staggering ~100 EHP. Hence, his HP has been buffed so that he both can survive more punishment from enemy heroes and not get destroyed by start game jungle monsters. For comparison, now his EHP is almost on par with Taka’s EHP.

The nerf to Fort’s base WP will be compensated with a buff in his passive.

It’s time to s-s-s-s-snowball!

Now not only grants Fortress a movespeed boost, but also grants your partnered ally half that movespeed buff.
Both packmates gain 15% slow resistance when Fort’s passive is active.
When Fortress secured a kill that was assisted by an ally or when Fortress assists an ally in getting a skill, all cooldowns on Fortress’s abilities are reduced by 10 seconds and he regenerates 75-150 energy.
In addition, Fortress gains 1 stack of Seasoned Hunter for every assist or assisted Kill. Each stack grants Fortress 5-15 CP and 5-15 WP permanently. Allies who are under the effect of Packmates benefit from half of the CP and WP Fort gains from Seasoned Hunter stacks.

The changes to the mobility aspect of his perk were made to make Fortress less selfish as a support and slow resistance allows him to insure his dominance over enemies, making the snowballing team feel even more, unstoppable.

A kill shall lead to another kill and and the more you help in killing your enemies, you and your teammates will grow stronger and stronger, leading to another kill. And the cycle continues. This is the first major step in making Fort snowball more. This buff also makes a Fortress with high kill participation have more basic attack damage than old Fort, but with less kill participation have less basic attack. damage.

Truth of the Tooth
Results more observable

Mark grants vision over target for its entire duration
Duration up from 2-2-2-2-3 to 4-4-4-4-6 with 2.5% CR
Speed boost down from 2-2-2-2-3 to 1.5 at all levels
Lunge damage changed from 60-120-180-240-300 with 110% CR to 100-150-200-250-300 with 100% CR and 100% WR
Lifesteal removed
Target receives 5-5-5-5-5% with 3% CR amplified damage from all sources
Marked enemy heroes’ bounty increased by 40-55-70-85-100 gold with 1.25% bonus health ratio and 4.15% bonus shield and armor ratio.
Cooldown up from 13-12-11-10-8 to 16 at all levels
Can now be activated while snared, lunge will turn into a normal basic attack
Application of the mark now has an animation visible to both teams. It highlights who is getting marked.
Mark now has a 0.8 second delay and is reflex blockable.

Vision grants more utility and makes it less likely that your team will change targets while fighting. The hunt is on!

Duration increased to better improve the “hunting” feel of this ability. Movespeed increase to allies was reduced to counteract that buff. Having 3 super sonic enemies all attacking you at once for extended duration of time is never nice.

Early game damage improved as it felt useless early (dealt less damage than a basic attack), scaling greatly improved for WP. This not only benefits WP Fort, but also support Fort because of the WP he gains from his passive for kills.

Lifesteal doesn’t make much sense in Fortress’ kit, at all. Fortress’s job is mainly to kill, not to heal and sustain allies. What’s the use of lifesteal if you can kill them faster than they can damage? Soo marked enemies are more susceptible to damage, combine with high ratio abilities for maximum burst!

Second major step for improving Fort as a snowball pupper, killing marked enemy heroes shall grant increased bounties. Now your allies will want to focus the marked target since everyone loves more gold! Support Fort will benefit from this buff greatly as it scales with defense.

Because this is such a good ability right now, cooldown greatly increased. You need to abuse his passive to get best results. The last change was made to add counterplay to Truth of the Tooth, which is always great.

Law of the Claw
That’s a nice Lyra you got there. Would be a shame if she couldn’t heal you:3

Applying bleed reduces healing by 20%
Slow changed from 0-0-0-0-30% to 15-15-15-15-20%
Damage up from 100-150-200-250-300 with 70% CR to 100-150-200-250-300 with 100% CR and 100% WR
Bleed damage changed from 10-10-10-10-10 with 15% CR to 10-10-10-10-20 with 10% CR
Overdrive: Upon triggering the stacks, all healing, barrier, and fortifying effects upon the target will instead deal 20% of the value as pure damage. This includes health regen. Lasts for 5 seconds.
To trigger the % health damage, six stacks need to be added. 1 stack is added for each basic attack. 1 stack is also added for each 60-150 damage dealt to the target.
Bleeding targets now leave a trail of blood that is visible to both teams. Upon triggering the stacks, a large amount of will be splattered on the ground (like how the ground turns black when Alpha explodes)

Instant reduced healing for those pesky Adagio and Lyra last second saves. Damage scaling also shifted from DoT bleed to burst damage, also now scales with weapon.

Fort’s B is no longer a necessity to overdrive as there is a slow at all levels. Overdriving his B will be situations where you find yourself vs a heal oriented team.

Received the quality of life change that it needs. Fortress no longer sucks with crystal oriented heroes and performs better in a lot more hero comps.

Attack of the Pack
Having a self-buffing steroid on a support prolly not the best idea

Attack speed buff down from 30-50-70% to 15-25-35%
Attack speed buff applies to all allies instead of just Fortress
Increases movespeed of all allies and makes them unslowable for 4 seconds.
Wolf damage up from 20-40-60 with 0% CR and WR to 20-40-60 with 20% WR
Energy cost up from 120-140-160 to 120-150-180
Channel time increased to 1.5 seconds.

As much as it is fun to deal damage as a support, it’s more fun to see your teammates destroying everything in sight because of your ult. Now this ability is a team wide steroid, albeit on Fort himself. A little utility also added as ult now helps with smooth engages and even escapes.

As this ability was buffed, energy cost increased to add a layer of complexity when playing Fortress. Wait to regenerate enough energy for your ult or cast that A-B combo and get the kill and energy regen?

And again, now that this ability is more powerful, it shall receive le nerf hammer too. Increased channel time both adds a little safe window for the enemies and counterplay to this ult other than running.

And that, was my suggested rework of Fort, an attempt in making him what truely was supposed to be. I hope you enjoyed this rendition of my rework series and see you next time!

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