Hero guides

I am quitting the game and am thinking of giving something back to the community in the form of some hero guides if people are interested. I am an average player with a TS of 1000 according to vainsocial and am in CT gold if it matters to people who want only skilled players to write guides. However I have played a lot of games (75+) with many heroes and am in a good position to write guides on them. I am particularly good with Idris , Celeste, ozo ,reim, Rona and Baptiste. If you want guides of any of these heroes or any hero in general I will post it if I know how to use that hero consistently well. Please mention if you want guides at all in comments because I don’t want to waste time preparing guides which no one reads, I am ready to spend time even if one player benefits from my advise and gets better with a hero

I personally would love all the information you are willing to give out. There is no such thing as too many guides or a bad guide. Some guides might be better at setting examples on what not to do though.

I love reading guides even if I don’t play that character as it gives me insight on how others play so I can become better against that charecter