[Hero concept] Agitt


A bursty bowman that is most lethal from far away

Role: burst sniper (wp), dot mage (cp)
position: lane
difficulty: easy

range: 6.5
movement speed: 3.5

Agitt is a centaur hero with a bow. He is a bit of a rebel known for causing trouble, but he can get away with half the stuff he does simply because he can run fast, having hooves and all. When you really make Agitt upset, he usually tries to burn your property. He accomplishes this by pulling out his home-made flammable oil and putting it on his arrows. This makes the arrows catch on fire when being shot.

I’m better at creating hero kits than I am making lore, so this is all the lore you’re gonna get. I think just the image of a centaur with a quick temper is enough to get the kit though.

Heroic perk: sharpshooter
Agitt does bonus weapon damage when attacking from a range of 6 or more.

attack speed items have less effectiveness on Agitt. (just like with lance)

A: Heavy draw
Agitt draws his bow for three seconds, gradually increasing the bonus damage and range. After fully drawing the bow, you have to choose a target within five seconds, or the skill cancels itself. When you select a target, the arrows will be shot at it in a straight line, damaging anything in it’s path. The skill does basic attack damage to anything it hits, plus the bonus damage based on how long you draw the bow.

  • this skill can crit and it procs items on activation, like shiversteel, tension bow or aftershock. It’s basically just a basic attack with bonus damage and range.
  • the maximum bonus range of this skill is 0,25 - 0,5 - 0,75 - 1 - 1,5
  • bonus attack speed decreases the drawing time (suggested by @Xaldarian)
  • the skill doesn’t do crystal damage, but it can deal extra damage if you buy bonus crystal (similar to how twisted stroke works)

B: Horsepower
when activated, Agitt instantly kicks up his hind legs. This deals damage and knocks back all enemies in an area behind him. If an enemy is knocked against a wall, it will be stunned.

  • the skill has a knockback of 4 meters. The overdrive increases the knockback to 6 meters.

Ult: Pyromaniac
The next 4/5/6 basic attacks deal crystal damage in a small area around the target and light the target on fire. The fire damage deals damage over time in a small area.

  • fire arrows can be stacked to a maximum of 10 fire arrows.
  • the damage over time stacks as well. Enemies that are on fire radiate the dot in an area roughly the size of a heliogenisis hitbox. Wherever these areas overlap, the fire damage is doubled (or tripled if there are three lit enemies clumped together, and so forth).
  • the fire damage has a significant crystal ratio.

Quite a simple hero, really. He’s a pure sniper, having a great poke and burst game. He’s an absolute lane bully just because he can outrange most heroes early on and threaten them with his perk boosted A. His wave clear on the other hand, is pretty terrible because of his low attack speed and limited AoE until he gets his ult.

Agitt’s B is his only real answer to dives, other than his generally good movement speed. Since it always hits behind him, it’s dangerous to chase him and just that fact makes his pressure and poke game even stronger. If you overdrive this skill instead of the ult, you can knock back enemies 6 meters (further than afterburn) which conveniently allows him to proc his perk immediately. That’s a bitter kick in the gut for any enemy hero that tries to gank Agitt.

His ult looks quite simple, but the stacking mechanic make it more interesting than it appears at first. Initiating a fight with a flaming A followed up with a flaming basic attack lights will light up two enemies in quick succession (if you switched targets). This coupled with the bonus damage from his perk and possibly a tension bow proc will already put the enemy team in disarray. Because the dot stacks, the enemies are basically forced to scatter to minimize damage. This allows Agitt to pick off enemies one by one. Stacking the fire arrows in a similar way to using Koska’s B before a fight happens, is a great way to surprise the enemy by having constant bonus damage up for a long time. This is only really plausible on cp Agitt though, since the cooldown will generally be too high for weapon builds to be able to stack the arrows.


I love the concept both visually and kit wise.
Would chaining C into A work?
You should let attackspeed affect his A drawlength req.

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thanks :smile:

Since his A is technically a basic attack, it can indeed proc the burn damage from his ult.

That attack speed suggestion is great btw, I’ll definitely add that to the OP.


Awesome Idea, Love the concept of a dedicated sniper hero. (Cant say kestral is played much like a legit sniper anymore…)
Can you clarify his ult again i dont think im understanding it right, so his next couple of basic attacks become like barons basic attacks except procs tic damage?

Or is it like his next basic attacks leave like a goop (skarf) puddle where the hero was hit?(obviously the animation is arrows instead)

Also does his “B” work on all hostile enemies including Mobs and Objectives? (Excluding Kraken and Turret)

A fire arrow does crystal damage in a small area when it hits a target, similar to samuels empowered attacks. Only the target will be lit on fire (so enemies that got caught in the flare area won’t be on fire, just the target).

An enemy that is on fire takes damage over time. This dot effect has a small area of effect. So If an enemy that is not on fire stands near an enemy that is, that nearby enemy will still take the damage. If two enemies are near each other and both are on fire, they will both take the damage of their ‘own’ fire dot, and that of the nearby enemy, so the damage doubles.

So basically, lit enemies are walking rare talent helio’s.

His B does damage to anything that can take damage, but structures, kraken and the two dragons are immune to the knockback. Miners and minions are not.

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The Passive. I very much like.

I was gonna say lower the bow draw time on his A but then I saw @Xaldarian’s suggestion which seems even better.

As for the B… I think you should be able to choose the direction it pushes back in, just because it makes it far more useable. Potentially add a jump in the other direction for Agitt at the same time (so he knocks enemies in one direction, and jumps away in the other) to give him his extra range.

And the Ult… I’ve always liked ults that just provide the hero with a buff rather than having an actual effect like a Solar storm or Gauntlet or something, and Vainglory doesn’t really have enough of those (SAW’s is the only one I can think of, and I suppose Reza’s to an extent) so good idea.

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Theres actually quite a few abilities that give buffs like that, its just most of them are single attacks only:

Ardan’s B
Baptists empowerment
Malene’s empowered attacks after form switching
Idris’s A
Taka’s perk
Gwen’s perk
Saw’s Ult
Grumjaws B
Alphas B
Adagios B
Koshkas B
Blackfeathers perk
Lances C
Lorelies puddle which buffs her basic attacks
Ringos B
Ronas B

Thats all i can think of atm

The thing about these is that most of them are for full on engagements, what really makes this heroes ult different IMO is the poke potential and there being no need to commit to a fight even after ulting

that’s more or less how I meant it. something that empowers the hero for a duration, but doesn’t have any immediate effect like most of these. Altho I suppose Grump’s B and Tony’s A at least are like that.

i like this concept . Simple and easy to use. However, I would decrease his base range to 6.1 to be inline with the rest of the ranged snipers in the game.

Given his A already has a bonus range, I think 6.1 would be a more sensible base range, depending on movement speed. ( i noticed this is how each hero is balanced). High move speed, lower range.
You did indicate his move speed is fast, since he is half horse.

A move speed of 3.5 would put him on the same speed as close ranged melee and the fastest ranged hero in the game. Kite potential is lethal, so maybe lower this as well.

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