Hero complexity?

Heroes recently are losing their flairs. Take a look at the old heroes. For example, Baron here has empowered AOE AAs, Long-range Mortar strikes with his A, a Jet boost and the most important of all, an orbital strike. Take a look at another one: Idris, who is in my opinion the pinnacle of hero design. A hero who is truely different in each path with his Divergent Paths perk. The WP path helps him excel as an Assasin while the CP as an ADC/APC hybrid. Now look at the heroes we have now: Tony. Skill 1 punch, skill 2 taunt, skill 3 punch. There’s no flair here. I’m starting to get bored with the recent hero design.


Lorelai was the most interesting hero we’ve had in a long time.

Yeah I said it.


Don’t forget the lack of new skins that look good


Tssk. Idris is lame.

A: just a dash
B: simple projectile
C: another dash

Basically, my point is that grossly oversimplifying a kit will make any hero look lame. Sure, Tony is a bit bland, but he’s the only somewhat disappointing hero in a very long time. Most other recent-ish heroes, like Churnwalker and Lorelai, are great.


And people almost never played her (except for the silly CP path) but they played Tony a lot. Unique seeming hero kits arent everything unfortunately. :rage:

This is very true. If I’m completely frank, part of the reason Churnwalker and Lorelai, etc. look interesting, is that we have more bland heroes like Tony that still work. If every hero was like Churnwalker or Lorelai, our standards for “Bland” would be a bit higher than Tony or Ringo or whatever.


uuuuh tony is just one hero guys. before him we had varya and before her churnwalker and before her lorelai>grace>reza im pretty sure/ none of these guys are boring. if they have really broing heroes for the next 2 patches then you should start tp get worried. but sometimes you just need simple heroees. look at koshka. who doesn’t have fun playing as her? and she is one of the most simple heroes in vainglory. look at her a ability description. its something like ‘koshka leaps to a target and deals damage.’ this is what we call uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhe i forgot the word what is it called when you are old and simple but cool someone help.

but yeah. tony is just one hero who may have a slightly broing kit to some but in the midst of really interesting and cool ones. nightwalker said she was ahving fun with the 3.3 hero so i don’t think it will be boring ;D


Grace and Varya are pretty boring, not even gonna lie. You’re right in that we shouldn’t be so worried, though.

i mean, sure the only interesting bit of grace is her perk but varya has heaps of uuuh skill? hidden talent? because no-one knows how to play her well. i have never seen a varya that has used stormforged spear between the charges of her b. or seen a varya that has used her b except for escape. (i am guilty of thsi too just for escape and getting energy during the early game) but she has lots of hidden potential which makes her interesting.

on secodn thoughts it doesn’t actually matter if you think varya is interesting though because you agreed that we shouldn’t be worried but uuuuuuuh be persuaded if you wish :clown_face:

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nah I think some of the new kits are pretty cool. Sure Reza was Blackfeather 2.0, and Varya essentially the same as Vox, but then we’ve had Churnwalker, and while Tony may not have the combos, all his abilities in themselves are unique, and so is his passive. I’m in two minds about Lorelai, cause while she is ineresting she’s basically a bunch of old heroes mashed together.

And of course lets not forget how unique and combo-rich Maxbob is

Edit: on Second thoughts Varya’s double dash does make her slightly unique, especially if you can drop an A in between the two dashes


I’m not sure what you mean by the last part of your post, but I like where your head is at about playing Varya.

Varya could be skillfully played, for sure, and it would be intruiging to see her played by someone who could master her toolkit, but overall I still think she’s a bit boring. This doesn’t detract the aforementioned points, I can still find excitement in her being played well despite her not being interesting. See what I’m saying?

Additionally, about not worrying - what I agree with is your view that we should wait and see what happens in the future, heroes wise, rather than just assuming everything post-Tony will be equally as bland.

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Just a heads up, I’ve moved this to a more appropriate subforum and changed the thread title. Please try to keep “Dear SEMC” for suggestions and feedback with a bit more research behind them, and please do try to keep your thread titles closer to the points raised in the topic. Thanks!


spaghetti is the only one who I saw that could do this.

Honestly I think Tony is a bit under appreciated - his kit has excellent synergy if you use it well and actually some fairly complex decision making involved to maximise its potential.


I’m not talking about the effectiveness but about the aesthetics, the cool factor of each hero.

In your OP? The way you’ve worded it comes off very much as a reference to gameplay and toolkits, not about hero’s cool-factor.


I really like Lorelai, but she just needs something more. Lyra has better scaling on her autos plus a slow. Her A is basically a Goop with a stun instead of a slow. Her B is her most unique ability but it needs a reason to overdrive it. Her Ult is basically a longer cooldown version of Vanguard without the movement speed buff. I like her playstyle of standing inside her pools for bonus damage and skill interaction. It just needs to be more impactful.

I think SEMC has done a great job with complexity given a single perk and 3 skills. Even a hero as boring as Ringo can use TS as an auto-reset to max dps. Tony’s kit is more complicated than people give it credit. Varya with her dash, projectile, dash combo is complicated.


Who are you replying to? If me then I used the word “flair” up there. It’s the cool factor.

You. I understand what you’re trying to get across, but using the word flair with how you’ve constructed your post appears to be more about the heroes’ toolkit’s functionally, especially as your descriptions of said “flair” delve into the mechanics of the moves themselves as opposed to their appearance. Flair has two uses. One of them happens to back up your post in a way you didn’t intend.

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This is one of my biggest issues, as Lorelai is one of my favorite heroes, but I also rarely play her anymore. There really isn’t any reaosn to max her B.

Definitely. Everyone’s too worried about banning him and him being OP I think.

Now I find out I was talking about both :slight_smile:

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