Here come the ads

Lmao, I just posted your tweet. :rofl:

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Yeah it sunder the “free” tab of the market section so…

Oh come the ■■■■ on. This reeks of desperation so bad… and while ads may be optional now, soon you have to watch them to complete events and… ■■■■ that shit. Before you know it, they’ll be doing another namechange to “Facemoba Vaingladservice”. Collecting user data to improve customer experience since we ran out of money (2018)!

I’ve got around 20 games without any types of ads on my device, most of them paid. And then there’s 3 with ads. There’s a reason for that, and VG is about to get axed for good.

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Whats wrong with that? Desperation is a survival instinct. Would you rather them just sit there and accept their fate?

If they was desperate for money to begin with (like 99% of the game companies), they wouldn’t be in this position. it is because of their sense of pride of being a “completely free to play no ads” that they’ve fallen into this spiraling hole.

I’m glad they’re doing desperate things to stay afloat.


What I would have preferred is a sound marketing strategy, instead of the cluster-fuck we’ve seen during the last year or so.

'not even going to go into the “subsidized esports” vs “traditional advertisement” thing, shit happens, but I guess we can agree that serving AoV ads to your already failing community is probably not the road to success.


AoV advertising would mean Tencent will be funding VG right? lol.

I wonder what makes players choose one game over another, which is why i posted my AoV U.I review.

I really believe if VG just raised their U.I to be more social, it would thrive above and beyond AoV. Social apps are HUGE for a reason. VG already has their game play HANDS DOWN far, farRrrr better than the competition with advanced mechanics, graphics, vision tactics, counter play, etc.

VG just falls short in being more social and more personalized. There are pixelated games from the 90’s that are still thriving because of the social element.

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See, and I completely agree with all of that, 100%. That would have been a development focus generating higher total revenue.
Instead, they completely misjudged their market position prior to the 5vs5 release, when they started trading customer retention for a presumably higher average revenue per user.


Vg has finally become ML now with ads its sad to see them reach so bad state

Vainglory is a mostly free game so having ads really should be expected, I’m overall happy because if they do this every day than you can get 1825 ice every year which would be amazing for a f2p player.

I’m not particularly angry that VG now has ads. I just find it really, really, really sad.


Or how about arcane legends? They offer a ton of stuff for watching adds.

Will Ads be the end for Vg? This text will be blurred

And Skaarf? Fortress? Phinn? Flicker?
What else do you want exactly? It’s not like LoL has much else (ok Kindred is pretty cool but other than that)

I agree the game is dying, but it’s not the hero design. Sure, The last 3 or so were simple heroes, but I still really like Kinetic and Anka, and before that we got Malene, and if you call her simple, then I don’t know what you want.

The reason the game is dying is Matchmaker, the bugs, and the lag. I cannot play the game because everytime I do, I either have some massive ping, glitch through walls, find minions with invisible healthbars, or, well… you know what matchmaker is like. SEMC need to work on all that.

Also, The company itself is dying. The way they handled the esports thing was rubbish, dumping people and giving it up entirely, it only happened thanks to Excoundrel in the end… PoB leaving, Humanist not getting paid, FooJee leaving, SugarVenom getting a cut… no matter how many times they tell us it’s just individuals, I can’t believe it anymore.

Nailed it.


*Meanwhile I m the only one whos happy cos i get free stuff doing close to nothing :smiley: *


Well, expected and in line with the clear (nowdays) picture of them having big financial problems and not enough players.

Couldn’t think of a more beautiful outcome for such a company as SEMC. At least for me, for them it’s just sad, but I can’t help thinking they deserve it.

Wew, glad I jumped the boat while it was still time. Just checked out the subreddit for the first time in weeks, are they also turning lack of players into a feature?


I think 5 ads a day is pretty low , we need more
I have nothing to do while waiting 7 minutes for a match , give me ads pls

proof players are willing to watch ads.

I’m not sure why the limit to 5 ads per day, but i think it’s to do with how they get paid. They probably don’t get anymore income after 5 ads are shown and there’s probably some kinda research into the effectiveness of ads when shown repeatedly, thus they are aware of this and choose to show 5 per day, maybe not SEMC’s choice and rather the choice of the advertiser.