Here come the ads


Can we now say that VG is dying? They have ads in game. It makes me wanna cry. Like come on, how can a beautiful game like this die?
I blame the lack of heroes and the boring heroes design, yeah, whatever you say, VG heroes are boring compare to the other MOBAs. All just humanoid. and mech.


So Vainglory(which is dying and has lack of players) is now showing ADs of Lords Mobile and other games. The irony lmao.
PS- We dont get the rewards after watching the ads :smiley:

Haven’t watched any ads and it says I’ve completed all of them… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I like that SEMC has picked up ads. They’re completely optional, from what I understand they give great rewards, and SEMC gets money. Win-win-win. What’s to complain about?


It’s a smart move. They should’ve had this feature ages ago. I’m surprised they lasted this long without ads. Don’t be a hater just because there’s ads now. It’s optional.

You could look at it another way:
Do you know any other Free to play mobile game that has lasted 4 years with no ads? I highly doubt it. It means it’s good enough to last that long, it should be good enough to last long into the future.

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Is that directed at me? If so, why?

So here’s how it works, for those interested in a quick preview:

Not a bad return for a few minutes of my time.


lol. i think you just answered your own question by replying. (it was a general shout out)

For me, it just brings me to the market section and there’s no actual ad to watch. I clicked “watch now”.

it’s hidden and not intrusive, so I don’t really see a problem with having optional ads.

I dislike ads in general, but I agree that these are likely to be unobtrusive. I do wish they’d stop the Today in Vainglory popover from showing up EVERY TIME YOU OPEN THE GAME though.


I was going to mention this feature in another post about the ways Vainglory can earn more $$$, but anyway… there’s already a post about it.

This feature encourages players to login daily to get rewards, so more activity (daily active players) and I would even say it would bring players in, keep them in and eventually when they love it, get them paying (maybe).


There are games with much larger player bases - War Robots - that have ads. Voluntary ad watching is fine.

I agree that Today in Vainglory is obnoxious to close but I’m glad they added unobtrusive ads. They’ve at least been trying to get better. Plus, decent rewards for minimal time

If they show ML or AOV ads I’m gunna rage quit


Be careful with what you say, fam. Look at what I just got…

Lovely. I love how the ceo, some devs and part of the community were being jerks to AoV; from Vainglory Feed’s twitter directly insulting it and calling it a shit game, going through SEMC putting a small cringefest trying to be funny and saying they baited AoV’s release with Vainglory 5v5 and ending with the community screeching “muh vg is the best moba, it’s superior, aov players are dumb”.

See how things turned out to be, with a cynical company in debt and their dying game showing ads of the game they were jerks to and now it’s kicking their butts without even trying.


Lmao, I just posted your tweet. :rofl:

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Yeah it sunder the “free” tab of the market section so…

Oh come the ■■■■ on. This reeks of desperation so bad… and while ads may be optional now, soon you have to watch them to complete events and… ■■■■ that shit. Before you know it, they’ll be doing another namechange to “Facemoba Vaingladservice”. Collecting user data to improve customer experience since we ran out of money (2018)!

I’ve got around 20 games without any types of ads on my device, most of them paid. And then there’s 3 with ads. There’s a reason for that, and VG is about to get axed for good.

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Whats wrong with that? Desperation is a survival instinct. Would you rather them just sit there and accept their fate?

If they was desperate for money to begin with (like 99% of the game companies), they wouldn’t be in this position. it is because of their sense of pride of being a “completely free to play no ads” that they’ve fallen into this spiraling hole.

I’m glad they’re doing desperate things to stay afloat.


What I would have preferred is a sound marketing strategy, instead of the cluster-fuck we’ve seen during the last year or so.

'not even going to go into the “subsidized esports” vs “traditional advertisement” thing, shit happens, but I guess we can agree that serving AoV ads to your already failing community is probably not the road to success.