Here are the Ardan's Aptitudes (from project Aptitudes, plz read that thread if you don't understand this thread)


+On Duty: Vanguard (A) now cleanses all movement impairing effect to the target ally upon activation. 2s longer cooldown

+Brawler: Blood for Blood (B) will be an uppercut to the enemy, stunning the target for 0.2s +0.01% missing health

+Gauntlet of Doom: Gauntlet (Ult) now stuns enemies caught in the initial impact for 0.4s but only has 30% the stun duration to enemies caught at the edge of the Gauntlet


+A1: Provide 3000 HP worth of barrier to teammates.

+A1: Save 3 teammates from instances of 400 or more damage.

+A1: Perform 10 Vanguards.

+A2: Deal 1000 damage with Blood for Blood.

+A2: Travel 120m with Blood for Blood.

+A2: Get the last hit on an objective with Blood for Blood.

+A3: Stun 2 enemies with one activation of Gauntlet.

+A3: Seperate an enemy from their team 2 times with Gauntlet.

+A3: Deal 2000 damage with Gauntlet.