Help with quotes


So quotes are pretty confusing right now. You can hit the “quote” button underneath a post but there is not an indicator to other people to which post is quoting what.

You can manually select text to quote just by tapping it. Doing this will add the selected text to the post you are writing.

Is it possible to have the entire post be quoted automatically when you hit the quote button? (Like the old forums)


Actually i just found out by highlighting (left click drag) there will be a "’’ quote ‘’ button next to the highlighted text … just click that.


But that takes a long time and can be frustrating on long posts or on mobile.


Good point. Mobile user’s will find it frustrating.

Long posts could be annoying but at the same time, beneficial as it forces people to read and not just hit a button.


In the app or in browser? I haven’t tried app yet


I tried the app but it is just a wrapper for the website :expressionless:


I’ll look into it. That said the auto quote function did create ridiculously long posts responding to one tiny bit of people’s posts.