Help! Semc did it again

So, I am a sea player. When 5v5 rank came out, I was given t10 gold, idk why they did it because I played only few 5v5 casuals and my 3v3 rank was about t5 only. So, I could not play 5v5 rank anymore and hence my rank started decaying. But, after the season restart few days back, they gave me 3119 elo again. I complaint about it to semc earlier but they did nothing. So, can anyone give some link as to where I should complain semc about it to fix the problem.

This was from previous season.

hope you get a resolution!

I did complain earlier but thanks dude

Tbh if I got given t10 I wouldn’t complain… but I can understand if there’s no way you’re gonna get wins you don’t wanna be there.

Wait til season ends and get the shiny Gold T10 trophy for ONE season, and then have it go back to T5 trophies. Confuse everyone. :smile:

In all seriousness though that really sucks. You can’t play without everyone downvoting you into LPQ…

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I shared your post and player info with SEMC … I’ll let you know when I hear back from them.

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Thanks for the help. I did complain today but they said the elo could not be changed due to their policy.
Honestly,I don’t care about my rank because I only play brawl modes. But, I got to be the top player in SEA currently. I am getting a lot of friend requests and I think I will get trolled so I don’t know what to do now.

Great “customer service” comedy right there…

Dude seeking help: “My ELO is way too high due to a confirmed bug. It ruins the game for everyone involved. Please fix this.”

“customer service”: “Hello, valued customer. This is a copy-pasta reply. Obviously it would make sense to lower your ELO, which no one would ask for outside of a legit complaint, but LOLOLOL whatever. Thank you for your continued monetary support!”