Help me with my account

I am having a problem with my account
Hello, i have a problem
When I go To the game reset every time don’t save and don’t let me see news and academy
I play now after long time of inactivity
Please tell me what i have To do I can make new profile but i don’t how To do please tell me how To solve this problem

My device is QLSEIS
My operating system is IOS

it’s not a bug, it’s a feature :sunglasses:

vainglory currently has no developers working on it so as a result they removed everything about the game except for the ability to actually play it (for most people, I can’t even play it at the moment)
there are no profiles at all in the game, though you should be able to change your name. however you have unlocked all heroes !! and some people are able to use all the skins/talents but it seems to be random who is able to do this

read this post for more information


Skins and talents are in 1A client
1B can use talents by going AFK and letting a bot randomly select a talent for them.

If you’re unable to connect, reinstal vg or change DNS ( works)

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