Help me! - Create SEA account

Hi there,

I would like to play on the SEA servers, however the only way to switch servers requires help from a player.
Could a player in SEA please make an account for me and share the log-in via private message?

For the username, please use:

Thanks a lot!


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Moving regions used to be something the support team could do for you, but I’m not sure there even IS a dedicated support team any longer :confused:

I’m sure you realize that this will just net you a brand new account on the SEA server — there’s never been a way to merge accounts, so you’ll be leaving your experience level, rank, and hero & skin unlocks behind on your original server.

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Thanks for the reply.

A new account is completely fine :slight_smile:

So the request remains:

Can anyone set me up with an account?

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You can do it with a VPN, if you have one which will connect to somewhere in SEA.

I’d help you but I’m not in SEA, sorry.

@MacAulay is right – using a VPN service will enable you to appear to be located in whatever region you wish. I use NordVPN (for security reasons when I travel) and was going to try to help, but I haven’t been able to update the Vainglory client on my iPad despite several attempts last night and this morning. :unamused: