Help! I need help

Now that I caught your attention. Can you guys give me an idea or theme to do malene. This time I want to do a full splashart without half assing and my break is coming soon too. Soo

Slide yours in my dms boo.

how about a steampunk malene? Can’t really think of much ideas for malene

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Beauty / beast? So beast would be the shadow form and beauty light


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So the suggestions I got were

Steampunk malene
Beauty and the beast malene
Lovebites/maiden malene
Angel/devil malene

Fiona from Shrek Malene hehe
No but seriously maybe a winter themed Malene cause it’s winter (NOT end of summer/beginning of Autumn as Rogue seems to believe)


I’d also vote for some sort of winter themed Malene. (Not in the winter war line – something more playful, at least for her light form.)

I was thinking something similar to the Fortress, Reim and Joule winter skins. Maybe with tinsel on her dress?


Winter seems tricky because it hard to pull off her dark side. But i will try