Hello, its me

it me, the Arrowga, hi.

me has been on old forums for long time, stupid drawings and stuff, not good, flailing arms and long noses.

I likes the @IvoryHart, the @BiggyFoot and the Methaliana (NEW USERS CAN ONLY MENTION 2 PEOPLE MY BOI, HOLD YOUR HORSES TIGHT ON THAT BOOTY OF YOURS!) and alot of others from good time back when in the forums of the old times, ye.

maybe some remember the me, hello then to you.

will I makes much the meaningful posts?
we’ll see, hehehehehehehehe3hehhe3èE.

probably not,



YAY U MADE IT BABE. Finally things are kinda getting back to normal.
Now lets hide in the PMs (if there is such thing here, idk I didn’t check).

There is hit your avatar icon up top right and hit tge envolope

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Welcome back. I do remember you. I believe you deleted the account in the old.forums

Oof didn’t expect to see you back. I thought you were ded for good. Rip your font tho

Yayayayayayayayyayayayayuh welcome back!

I’m here too
Thanks very muchThis text will be blurred

land of cheesecheese crew

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