Hello 2022, it your favorite clown!

I hope you guys are doing well. Stay safe, take care of yourself and your love ones. <3

Let’s start my official 2022 post by sharing a few concept of Medusa Lorelai Splash Art that I am currently doing for my Uni semester. I am gonna graduate soon as well… so yay… adult life…

So yeah, this are quick quick sketch. I will clean it up as usual after teachers feedback and will upload my progression as per usual <3.

Sketch of Splash Art one and Greyscale

Sketch of Splash Art Two and Greyscale

Sketch of Splash Art Three and Greyscale

Choose your favorite and erm nervously laugh hope it’s something easy and doable.

See soon Luvs <3


OOOooooooOOOooo … they’re all great! My favorite is #3, I think – I like the perspective and the dynamic feel of the pose and composition!

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Hey and good job on all 3! I would say 1, 3 , 2, but all are great imho! Cheers! :))

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Oh congrats on graduating soon! They all look great, hard to say fav since I like the focus of 1 but the pose in 3 is a great perspective, 2 looks like a nice pose of power. I’ll say 3 is my fav

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Hiiii! Long time no see :haha:

Anyways, I love number one cuz im a sucker for a good show of power pose. I also love number 2 but tbh it kinda looks difficult to pull of such FOV so i wanna save you some sanity so number one remains my fav lmaooo.

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Idk how to quote all 3 so imma reply to each and everyone <3

Thank you. Sadly I made some changes to all 3…


Thank you <3 sniff sniff

30 character again and I don’t miss this part of the forum tbh


Thank you <3 I hope you been well and great. I ended going with 1 but with slight tweak.


Sadly teacher choose 1st so I going with that with slight tweak :frowning:


Hello Everyone,
this are the updated Sketches and greyscale and I will be going with the 1st pose

Since I am going ahead with the 1st one, my greyscale are somewhat more detailed than the other two (totally didn’t halfass)

Here is the High rez. I will polish the greyscale and make it more detail by next week… and will start on colors soon.

Wish me luck or RIP me


It’s lookin good, good luck with detailing and then colouring

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Your clown is back!

and he finished his splash art of Medusa Lorelai…

It was my first time doing a splash art. I am sure there is still long way from me to improve before I can become a professional. But this assignment has been fun… tiring but fun…


nicee, great job and keep going strong towards your passions! :ok_hand: :sunglasses: :ok_hand:


Thank you! Gotta keep grinding till idk when but thanks