Have you ever wondered why you crafted or bought some skins? Do you ever want a refund? What skins are you anticipating for?

I have. And boy, do I have a lot of skins that I now never use on a good number of heroes that I don’t use, can’t use as often and/or don’t get as often in Battle Royale.

These heroes that I have a lot of skins for but rarely ever use are:

  • Taka (my RNG with chest and the Battle Pass gave me these & I don’t like him at all. How the heck did I get both of his Legendary skins!)
  • SAW (all from the events and chests… similar to Taka. Why?! :frowning: )
  • Phinn (I got infatuated with playing for a decent amount of time, but then his nerfs took too much toll to be effective when I’m playing him so he’s now never used… I have his whole set too… :sad:)
  • Petal (Same case with Phinn, only she felt from grace much faster and harder :confused:)
  • Joule (A rather mixed case. I was a monster on her for a decent period, but I think she fell off hard sometime around the Reflex Block changes first came around. I bought her Snow Monster skin on impulse that I regret because it’s now just sitting there…)
  • Celeste (Oh boy, another unfortunate case. I lost touch with her kit for quite a while, and I mean a great while. Got her Star Queen set around the time the Blueprint changes were incoming while having her other skins through Chests and Opals. I regret bothering to craft these skins…)
  • Catherine (Same as Celeste’s case, but I do pay her on and off, but not as frequent as my next list that shows my frequent on and offset of heroes with a great number of skins or good quality ones).
  • Alpha (I got into a groove of wrecking with her a few patches before the Blueprint changes hit. She felt great… then nerfed. Now her doll set is wasted :stuck_out_tongue:)

On and off heroes with great and/or good skins I have:

  • Ringo (everything, lol. Best, of course, is the shogun Ringo skin)
  • Reim (I have his original three, but I just like using the legendary one).
  • Koshka (I just recently managed to craft her entire set, and I do not regret it. She’s fun to play and can surprise quite a lot.)
  • Grace (I set-up her Epic to be crafted during the Blueprint changes. Pretty good skin. I, fortunately, got her legendary from the previous Battle Pass. Pretty cool one no doubt.)

My almost everyday use ones are Ardan, Flicker, Fortress and Vox.

So what’s your skin sets that you barely use?
And if you can refund them for Essence, would you do it?
Let’s discuss how to best manage our skin economy and not waste ICE!

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I wouldn’t mind exchanging skins I got from chests that I really never wanted, like ringos skins, don’t use him and I only like his mccree skin. Giving away that crap se for essence I could use on another skin is honestly better to me than holding onto a crap skin I’ll never want to use

I agree that having the ability to refund skin would be nice, albeit it’s never going to happen given that’s a loss for SEMC.

Another thing I think most have as a conundrum with skins is that we want to complete the collection, but at the same time, we wouldn’t use most of those skins, so why have them in the first place, no?

Decisions, decisions…

I think skins are only worth collecting if they are:

  • For a hero that is play almost daily.
  • Great in-game models that one wouldn’t get tired of it for at least a good while.
  • Legendary or LE Tier (because Sunlight).

Off topic, but I’m hoping good Legendary skins will come for Ardan, Flicker, Fortress and Malene.

I have Ardan’s and Fortress’ Legendaries, but they kind of unappealing to see constantly. One’s too pink and the other is too many armour additions (which makes the Rare feels much better).

Flicker and Malene don’t have Legendary Tier skins, simple as that lol.
I’ve really found these two heroes fun. Not meta, but just fun to play and practice with.
One teaches to be patient and sneaky, while the other teaches all the timing skills.

Refund me back my Love Bites and Champion Fates skin.

I bought the skins for the amount of effects it HAD.


I love churnwalker but like semc cmon really a CLOWN SKIN? Yeah its creepy and all but he looks so stupid in the battle field with all the flashy colors. I am BEGGING for them to make a cthulu skin. HE REALLY NEEDS A CTHLULU SKIN


You know a good idea for a flicker skin would be the cat from alice in wonderland. That would be so doopeeeeee

I don’t even care if the rose trail has the speed boost, give me back my trail. Literally the only reason I got the skin. If frame rate isn’t affected by these ridiculous hats, my trail is fine


Wanna guess the response to that.

Wolfhands: “You might end up seeing the rose trail on another hero :smirk:

Me: :slightly_smiling_face::face_vomiting:


Huh, aside from the Rose Trail stuff being removed; were there other removals.?

The Clownwalker is more of a funny thing than actually being serious, lol.

He certainly needs a Legendary skin thay’ll improve his overall appearnace and visibility I think.

Guve those Churnwalker mains a skin worth their time mastering the hero. Give them those juicy Sunlight gains.

The problem witha Flicker skin based on the cheshire cat is that his base skin is basically that - a cheshire cat.

I would like him to maybe get a Mad Hatter skin instead.

Eh, I can see similar effects; but less pixelated and maybe more chunky.

Heck yeah im a churn main and i really want that frecken CTHULHU CHURN. I WELL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET THAT SKIN EVEN IF THATS THE LAST THING I DO

Oh and i didnt notice flickers default was a parody of the cat. And yeah maybe the mad hatter is a good idea to. Or maaaybeeeee make the cat skin creepy with stripes his fur black and before he disappears his eyes and mouth would glow green and turn into a evil grin. Also when hes invisible and a flare or a camera shows his hidden self he the mist would be black and his evil eyes and grin would show

It was mentioned on these forums before that the devs (quietly?) removed some of School Days Vox’s afterimages created during his A some time after release to make the game run smoother.

Are you talking about the subtle holograms he does after he dashes forward?

Fine, I paid for this skin with those effects. Give me the new hero with an SE skin for free now…


They are probably going to give the Faun hero the rose trail to make her more like Nocturne from LoL

Their weapons look similar too :eyes:

I’m pretty sure if SEMC decided to bring at least 3 new skins every update and rework 2 old ones then they will make a profit eventually. No one wants to buy Sorrowblade Glaive. It’s such a cool concept but with a really terrible execution. No one wants to buy Hellsong Adagio or whatever because it’s overpriced for it’s animations and such.

I don’t really regret crafting skins but I do regret buying from time to time. Crafting is about the grind or the wait. You may or may not use the skin but well it feels somewhat rewarding. I wish there was a decraft skin option to like you know get half the ICE back or get the full essence value with no BP for the skin. I also regret destroying some BPs like Corsair Krul and t3 Joule… only reason I did it was for Red Rona and I don’t even like the skin.

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Destroying blueprints is the absolute worst thing you can do right now. The chances of getting that blueprint again in free drops are extremely slim, and there isn’t anything to be lost by holding onto it. Eventually, you’ll get enough essence to craft the skins you want, but destroying blueprints heavily limits your options.