Has vainglory reached the Breaking Point?

i’m more of a lurking ghost myself, but i do keep an eye on the game.

What concerns me is the lack of activity.
queue times for casual and ranked games ( both 5v5 and 3v3, and the latter is nonexistent at this point ) have gone way up.
There’s an absolute standstill to ingame activity and i mean events and stuff. all i see are 3 new skins per update and a new hero, plus DEALS. that’s it.
the only temporary hype period used to be after the updates dropped, but from here on i think that hype is minuscule too at this point.
Even the forums here are lacking in activity, and the most active topics are not related to VG…

You get my point… man i really love this game or more precisely, love the idea of what it could have been.
Sad to see it neglected.


That happens too in reddit. It’s been a long time since the last time we saw important changes, yes the new hero is a good addition but still. We’ve reached a point where the topics you can talk about have been already talked about. What would you make a new thread about? Strategy when it’s been like a year without any change to how the game is done? About heroes builds when no build has seen change and no new items were added? The only new thing people can talk about is the new hero (which isn’t always released) and it last for 1 topic at best.

That’s what happens when no changes are done, people start to lose interest and it comes a point where everything has already been said.

It’s sad, but I don’t expect it to change.


I really agree with the game being in an uninteresting state atm. It’s certainly still pretty fun, but there’s not really much incentive to play outside of maybe trying out new heroes or balance changes when a new patch drops. The last few patches haven’t really interested me and more or less left me feeling “oh a new patch out I guess” mainly in part to them just being the usual skin/hero additions and no meaningful changes/additions to the game.


Really agree with all of the above points. I think it’s difficult for the community to muster much enthusiasm for VG these days because there appears to be so little of it from SEMC themselves.

This is precisely how I feel.

That’s the truth. We’ve got a good group here, and I’ve always enjoyed the discussions with everyone. It’s one reason I’ve tried to expand the breadth of what’s here, just to try to keep folks interested. Despite that, the number of folks who are active here has continued to gradually decline, I’m sorry to say.


People are moving on, LoL mobile is basically gonna finish off Vg for good.


the game is in a weird place , I have no motivation to play the game , I would if the card system still exist and could target a certain skin , but nothing to look forward , I would say the game still probably enjoyable for the new players so they don’t need that much of motivation , but for me I need new changes to play again .


The game has passed threshold for being stale. The events are extremely repetitive. Guilds continue to be a joke. The out of game experience overall is just… not good. Wheres the events like the 4 team event for Kensei or the guild wars that were actual good events.

Theres really no f2p reward system/BP and they’ve totally abandoned the hats system.

I understand that they are working on a new game but the consequence is that they’re totally putting VG in a worse spot than it is.

I stopped playing Vg but the only reason why I’ve come back to it is that my old friends played with me on the new patch. But once they stop playing again. I too am back to deleting it.

To leave a ending note, I hate talking about VG in such a bad way, thats why I’ve been hiding in the off-topic section of the forums. Hopefully they will improve on the things I talked about one day.


I literally play this game just for the sake of playing a quality MOBA. The UI and out-of-game experience has never mattered much to me. It would be nice if it was better, but I still enjoy the game for its quality gameplay and mechanics (i still love the touch controls and hope the LoL mobile game offers that option).

That said, the game for me is significantly less active than before my break - and that was a brief, 40 day break. Many of my friends seem to be gone, quality of play is a bit worse from opponents and teammates, and more unfamiliar accounts in top 100. I will likely move to LoL mobile if that really becomes a thing, but not due to a lack of love toward VG. It keeps a special place in my gaming heart.

Putting those personal thoughts aside, and despite the optimist in me, I’d answer the OP by saying that yes, it seems VG has reached a breaking point. The game isn’t getting the TLC many folks here and elsewhere would like, which has lead to a lower player base (both in quantity and quality).


Not gonna happen. The world is perfectly happy with virtual joysticks, so when VG disappears, touch controls will disappear from the MOBA scene altogether.


I haven’t turned on VG since couple of weeks either. I was a lurker even when VG was active and now I’ve became an even bigger lurker. :slightly_frowning_face:

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The developers’ passion for the game pretty much reflects its state. Such a shame to see wasted potential like this- but alas, it’s not like we didn’t see this coming. Wild Rift’s release is approaching, and it’s definitely gonna suck what “life” is left out of this game.

Nonetheless, I’m happy for everything that this game had to offer. I met some really amazing people because of it. At the very least, the VG community will still live on but maybe in a different game? :slight_smile:.


I don’t mind, my hand already is getting tired trying to reach to mid up part of the screen of my note 9 (6.4 inch screen). Given how the phones are getting bigger, the touch controls are going into the: “leave the phone on the table and play” dimension. Also joystick controls done right gives you more than enough control over what you want do do and what you are doing - and this is the important part in any control method.

Totally waiting lol mobile and hoping for a forum place for it so we can share the experience. About VG, it will stay on my phone till the game really dies and I will play here and there even after lol is released.

The current state… well, the players there are really bad for the most part - insulting, bad gameplay, dodging like no tomorrow (nowdays I can’t start a single game without atleast few dodges… it’s insanely bad). The meta is the same, the changes they do are so few and so settle that nothing really changes even regarding heroes.

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I don’t agree on the premise. In theory, yes, but all Vainglory’s creators have to do is start giving a real damn about the game again and it can kick back. The problem is Vainglory’s creators tried to milk the game way too early and too soon after making terrible decisions and now it seems they don’t give a serious damn about it. If someone was in charge that did, this game could come back from the ashes and, dare I say it, still be the best moba. They just made too many frustrating decisions in the past.

They need to:

Get stats working again.

Clean up UI again.

Find a way to shorten match times to 15-20 minutes.

Get rid of the discrepancy in playstyle between modes.

Get the fark rid of talents or actually implement some of the ideas in natural hero builds, likely both.

Streamline their cosmetics offerings.

Streamline deals.

Streamline currency.


Serious progression system.

Ads that make sense.

Bring serious lore back.

Stop farking being a follower and be a leader again.

Just to name a few things.

Oh, and make 3v3 relevant again.

It still pisses me off: how do you ruin such a good game? It’s still better than LoL. Dare I freaking say it. VG is still technically the best moba out if it would get it’s shat together.

And let me be blunt with the comparison: LoL is to VG what Fortnite is to PUBG. Literally the creators fault.

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I personally think its the other way around. Back when they first started, they gave away so much content such as LE skins or skin cards and that was the first mistake. Not only did they spoil the community with being able to not spend a dime on high quality skins, but when SEMC decided to push monetization around 3.0, then the community was triggered about it.

Pretty much they screwed themselves in the early run. But thats my opinion.


This sentence pretty much utterly ruins what had been a pretty decent post up to that point.

I mean … what?!? :joy:


I meant early in relativity. VG screwed themselves at the beginning by not monetizing properly, and then tried to play it both ways and not take bold monetizing decisions, and then when they did make bold monetizing decisions, it was in the wrong direction. I was thinking more in the line of how long LoL has been around and how long VG has been around. They made the poor decisions relatively early in the potential lifetime of the game, and then they gave up trying to fix it properly. If they had steered the ship in a different direction where monetization is concerned, instead of giving up on everything, maybe people would be coming back more instead of leaving more.

LOL yes I actually do think VG is better in terms of gameplay mechanics and visuals. Just tighter where some things are concerned. It’s all mostly stuff that isn’t related to the actual gameplay that makes VG suck: back end stuff, no stats, poor balancing in some cases, low hero roster, few items, etc., but when you actually find a good match? Damn is it epic and tense in a way that lol doesn’t capture me. Again it’s like finding a good match in a game like battlefield vs modern warfare: when you get a good match in a game like battlefield, modern warfare doesn’t compare, but mw wins out because it’s a tighter game. Don’t get me wrong I like LoL but VG really had the potential to upset it over the long term if everything had gone well.

For example I had an amazing 40 (omg) minute match in ranked today. Had a capt who had no clue and fed the enemy so hard. Gave up. It’s 4v5 almost the whole game. I was baron and man did our group come together. I used cp to bomb in teamfights and gank turrets, save ours, my teamates roamed more and mopped up enemies, we fought so hard and we won in an epic near ace. The whole time I think the one capt was so salty he was trying to force a surrender for 10 whole minutes. Yes that was kinda a promo for how good cp baron is with a coordinated team BUT point being that was some of the best hard fighting I’ve done in a while.


Wow. No words. Literally speechless.

Serious question: how much League have you played?


Not much tbh, but I’ve seen a lot so take my opinion with a mountain of salt lol. I just like the feel of vg better. And the fact that it’s a simpler game with more nuanced strategic differences. I actually don’t think we need a massive number of items and a huge hero roster, just more than we have. What draws me to vg is that it’s less about how you make your hero and more about how you play, but at the same time there are important differences that can sway things in big ways. Plus yes I do think VG looks better and the heroes have more…idk, individuality to them? Many of LoL’s heroes have a more classic fantasy trope feel to them whereas vg has, just…something else…in most of its heroes.

Maybe it’s the steampunk vibes lol. Dunno what to tell you. If it reveals anything Bioshock is one of my favorite games in history next to Fallout so…just a preference I guess. Idk as far as comparisons go I don’t like Fortnite either so…just the cartooniness is not my thing I guess.

And I was a big fan of Paragon so…I guess I just like the serious looking games more, not that it’s actually better o o. I know, I committed heresy, lol.

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Play daily lol for a month and then we can talk.


look in all honesty LoL is better but VG has the potential to be and I want it to be better okaiiii?!?!? >.<; Because it can, and I think the competition would spark some real advancements in the moba world except copy upon copy.