Has anyone played Elder Scrolls Skyrim?

I finally decided to play the dusty game that I had in my steam library years back. I got it back when it was made free for some occasion (I really cant remember, its that far back) and I dont want to let it rot forever.

As the title states, has anyone played it and does anyone have tips to start off the game?

Some early recommendations I would make is to focus on the main quests until you learn about shouts bc they’re really fun to use and the one you get for free from the main quests is pretty handy (plus it’s the meme one), save up gold for a house to have handy extra storage (especially for items like dragon bones that are really heavy and fairly useful), and try to get a follower as early as possible bc they’re quite helpful. Other than that, I would say to just play it as you want to bc besides the usual buggy bethesda engine shenanigans, most of the fun comes from the freedom the game offers.


It’s one of my favorite games all-time! You can get lost for hours in another immersive and beautiful world created by the Elder Scrolls and Bethesda franchise. Stormcloaks for life!

Also, there’s an absurd glitch in Whiterun to make too much cash. It does seem to have a weird trickle down effect on the rest of your game, so I honestly recommend not doing it and to play it clean.

I actually have a different opinion than the above post. I love focusing side quests. They’re endless, naturally help improve character traits and get you stronger for the main quests.

What race did you go with?

Yeah, reinstall the game a few weeks ago, i usually do 1 quest 1 city circling the world map by foot lol, always playing as breton.