Happy Wife, Happy Life

Or, when in doubt, the wife is right.

My wife wanted to go for a walk. I said if she wanted me to, I’d quit the current (ranked 5v5) game and go. If she didn’t mind waiting, I’d finish up in 15.

I was Taka top and we were dominating. Every lane was pushed. Blackclaw was ours. Nice!

Wrong. Karma. Listen to and be with your wife.

Game goes into CRAZY mode. 15000+ms. Tried to sit closer to wifi. Quickly looked to see if any other apps were up. Closed wifi and switched to data. By the time i got some sense of order, i was dead, and our vain exploding.

Waa, waa, waaaahh!


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Little did you know that she used her wife powers to make the SEMC servers lag heavily for you and only you…


The only thing to say to that is

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In those rare occasions the servers start acting up, I remember an old insult on cod4 “stop downloading pr0n!”.
Its rather suspicious how the servers started lagging right after u asked ur wife if she can wait, are u sure her father doesnt work for SEMC?

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Because my house is very inclusive, and my wife and I like to be able to blame each other equally, for all things, we use “happy spouse, happy house”


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Nah, it’s simpler than that: all she needs is the router password so she can dial down the QoS setting for @Lebatron’s device … :smiling_imp:

Must be nice. She wore the pants as soon as we met. I wouldn’t have it any other way, though. I married up as they say. :smile: