Hallu’s skaarf icon survives!


This is just a small appreciation thread - I’m stoked that the skaarf icon is still in the game! :opaf:


I didn’t even notice that! Woo! :skaarf:


It’s the small things like this that really give vg it’s own charm, in my opinion.


I would have quit if they removed it


I have no more regrets. I can now die peacefully


Where is the wrench when you need it


:wrench: the only one I can find :frowning:


Wheres my :paintbrush: that goes along with the :wrench:


It still belongs in the heroes section of the menu :bacon_tears::bacon_tears::bacon_tears::bacon_tears::bacon_tears::bacon_tears::bacon_tears:


Long live Skaarf, the god of brimstone and hellfire.


Skaarf’s icon should replace the hero icon we have rn.


Long live the skaarf icon! :heart_eyes_cat::love_you_gesture:


Very very iconic.

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Yeah where’s the skaarf hero icon now??


It’s smec trying to distract you
Wake up
wake up


I saved these way before the forums were closing thought they would be useful :wrench:


Wait that’s Skaarf??? I thought it was a flying worm :hugs:


Dude, just grab the actual resources don’t use cropped screenshots lol



Now if they can just replace the heroes icon into this. That would be great


you can but cropped ss looks larger in posts. its the same as using the actual resources but making it bigger for a post.