Halloween skins

They are now available for ice and can be used in practice. They are all really good and i reccomend trying all of them (look at the idris ones crits also)

best is black cat flicker :heart_eyes_cat: his run is just amazing and flickers base effects were already so good as well as all his animations. Originally i thought i would buy the malene one but looking at flicker i am not so sure.

Also there is an event can anyone explain what the trick or treat chests are? I just got 50 essence and the battle pass sunlight…


I think they are old daily chests before talents came out + sunlight for BP users :slight_smile:

I have currently 2183 ice, If i buy Hallowen Malene could i get enough ice for the battle pass of the next season?

Do you already have a BP? Or a lot of glory for the 10k glory event? If not, you wont have enough cos malene = 1200 ice and BP = 1250 ice. So if you buy malene skin now, you have to find a way to get the 267 ice.

Yeah, i alredy have it and almost completed (95), the thing is, i don’t use ice for anything apart of the battle pass, so if i can buy the skin with my excedents is good, but i dont know if i will collect enough ice for the next battle pass.

lvl 100 gives you only 75 ice. You wont have enough ice for next BP. EVen i was thinking of buying the malene skin even though i have 2400 ice, but eh. BEtter skins will come lol like the rainbow glaive xP

I’m pleasantly surprised that they’re not locked behind RNG boxes. This may be a pre-emptive step before the ban of loot boxes, but I don’t believe that any country has legislation on the topic, so it’s a welcome sight. I’m still not buying them with ICE though, because I’ve got too much currency to spend before I think about using my hoarded ICE.

I’m pretty sure its because of the interactions between ICE and OPALS. If the skins are in loot boxes when are they gonna be for ICE? Eventually they will be for Opals so it only makes sense.

They’ll be available for ICE the next time they’re in season. That’s how the Summer Party skins from this year turned out, except for that one Catherine skin that’s still unavailable for some inexplicable reason.

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you mean the championship cath? That will never be available for ice i think.

No, I’m talking about the red Summer Party Catherine skin.

i was hoping for them to be in loot boxes… i am too cheap to spend on a whole skin. loot boxes are hwo i got white skaarf, tea party petal, and tea party grace with max 2 boxes for each of the chests. hwo am i going to decide if i wish to spend my battle pass earnings on one of them grrr

You got lucky, but you need to know that the numbers are NEVER in your favor, especially when they’re less than 5%.


i rely on luck to take the place of currency… i would prefer if they put for a cost as well as loot boxes.

@TadashiN you can buy the skin to your loved one.

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Already did before you know it :heart:


Idris one is also SE. I thought atleast one of them was going to be a LE.
This means all 3 of the skins are going to be available via opals next update?

Yep. Maybe not next update but next season.

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Hi Pigge

Its not a halloween skin but i got

Both from the gold chest that i bought from the 2nd bundle :kraken_happy_t3: