Haha I love ice deals! Also a discussion on how SEMC should make money

Yeeeeeesss. Just spent $10 and got that battle pass then I spent the remaining on the Petal mystery chest and got her new LE. This is what I like SEMC ways for me to get free stuff by buying stuff. I just can’t help a good deal :’).

Buuut guess what? All I got where a bunch of random skin blueprints I didn’t want, repeat skins and blue prints. I think something has to be done for players to be able to get more specific blueprints because I’m tired of constantly getting trash or repeats. It makes me feel cheated and the reason majority of the time I don’t buy boxes. Overwatch implanted a system so players literally can’t get repeat items in their loot boxes until you’ve literally gotten all of those items in the categories. I think SEMC has to do the same thing, or at least increase player chances of not getting repeats.

Overall I just wanted to say I like it when SEMC gets players to spend money through deals and not these rng boxes, I think they should focus making through that because that’s the only way they get me to spend money. But IDK you guys tell me what encourages you to spend money.

Sidenote can someone get me the SEMC support link I didn’t get some of the reward earned from the battle pass. And I checked to make sure I know I don’t got it.

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I only get those chests cause I have the skins I want. You can still buy skins directly. Just gotta get dem OPALS. Also da hecc is a battle pass

EDIT: Found it and rip me already like over lvl 40 in seasonal levels. Do I still get previous rewards???

EDIT 2: Found it in the FAQ hecc yea

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I spent the I’ve on the battle pass and ended up unlocking petal new skin, a Rona legendary skin plus a few legendary talents. To top it off I ended up with more ice than I started with…

If you got the cash you should buy it.


Yes the rewards are back dated for the season I’ve reached 50 and got more ice back than I spent obtaining the box plus two skins I was missing and and bunch of talents (I got over 120 skins so I got a lot of duplication).

Doing that will handicap their income big time in long run. No freemium game will ever do that, with just a few exceptions. Sadly

That’s untrue. You get duplicates all the time in Overwatch loot boxes – they’re automatically exchanged for in-game credits when a duplicate item appears.

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Well you don’t see it lol. But I don’t feel like I get a ton of coins and there are players who have been able to buy out on the items.

I’m not sure what you mean by that. I buy loot boxes regularly in Overwatch (basically 50 for every event), and I get lots of duplicates. At the moment, I have 12,000 coins waiting to be spent because of dupes.

You only get duplicates if you own everything in that category. So if you have all the sprays then you will get duplicates for sprays. So you must’ve bought out everything in one or more of the categories. And if you haven’t bought everything then it’s a bug and you should report it because I personally don’t ever get duplicates and it was patched around the Halloween terror 2017 event.

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Oh I see what you’re saying. Sorry, misunderstood your earlier post.

A big reason that MOBAs are so successful is because the way that they are designed, MOBA games can easily make money.
There is a near-infinite number of new heroes that can be added to the game and creativity is the only limit on the number of skins that each of those heroes can have.
So MOBA games don’t have to have shit like an upfront purchase or expansions to make money. As long as they keep doing what the game was designed for, they will always have a source of money. People will always be willing to buy a new hero or skin (if it’s decently creative and well made).

With this model, RNG loot boxes aren’t really necessary. I think people would rather just buy stuff upfront instead of gambling.

But it seems like if SEMC were to increase the price of skins and heroes to make the upfront-purchase model more profitable, the community would lose their shit.
…unfortunate, since the community also seems to despise lootboxes.

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We could just go play League where the skins are similarly priced to the current version and loot boxes aren’t shoved in our face. There is no reason for them to raise prices if they remove the RNG elements, especially when they were making a profit LONG before chests were introduced.

They don’t NEED more profit to continue running, they merely WANT it.

Than essence wouldn’t be earned meaning bp are useless

You can still destroy cards bruh.

Other stuff to make VG some money without making their players scream bloody murder (looking at you, blueprints):
-Profile pictures, maybe use the chibi characters from their sticker app and some splash art closeups (i personally nominate gwen’s ass to be her closeup). Make about 15-20% of the ones you’d release free while the others will have a low ice cost (5-30 depending on the art)
-Unique splash art options for the front screen stuff like battle scenes, unique locations or art for background characters like the witch or the Gythian council (these will probs be the most expensive, 200-700 ice)
-Emblems. There will be ones that can be earned through gameplay (Number of matches won/played in different gamemodes) and ones with fancy effects that have to be bought with a moderate ice cost (30-99 ice)
-Some comics that can be read in-game, these will just be hero encounters other hero/location and a bunch of weird/funny/depressing stuff happens and wont be connected to the lore (20-40 ice)
-and for the love of god give us better merch

Options if VG is too lazy to change what they have
-Increase blueprint drop rates by 50-60 percent
-Make the chance of getting the same blueprint lower by like 30-50 percent, depending on the rarity