Gwen CP is useless and here is one simple change to solve that

So as everyone knows, Gwen CP is a joke now. Nobody ever plays Gwen CP and the one patch I saw someone played Gwen CP, her effectiveness was not that high. So I come up with one simple change to make her useful.
*Perk: Boomstick.
-Boomstick basic attacks will also reduce the cooldown of her Buckshot Bonanza (A) by 0s +1% CP. Capped at 200 CP.
However to offset this, the CP ratio of her A is reduced from 225% to 175%.

So at max 2s/AA? For a 5s ability… that’s broken, no.

Gwen doesn’t have any sort of substain so this is to address that but well, you are right, damage changes are above

CP Gwen is OK. She’s not top meta, but she ain’t completely dead either. I can play her either path, but the I was always a Gwen main

I mean that she has too much hang time between periods of dealing damage and that hampers her viability. This will help her.

Is it really necessary to make cp gwen a thing?? Why dont we have CP tony or WP samuel? It’s not needed to overcomplicate stuff. Just leave her good old wp style. LIKE SHE WAS MEANT TO BE


CP Gwen is, and always was, an anti-fun hero. She pounds you and the rest of your team with undodgeable very high damage every few seconds from the safety of the edge of the fight. Let’s not bring her back.


Dude. CP gwen is somewhat viable. build SG,SF,CW and HC and you can deal a ton of damage with her A every 5 (or less) secomds and you got her ult too which has high CP scaling.

What about stormcrown on her? Maybe a HC, def, stormcrown, BM, SG, SG/AS build could solve your problem.

Only problem i see with going cp gwen is heros like blackfeather who are sticky high damage with a side of takes a punch especially with sm