Guys only me?

Patch 3.9.1
stutter step is reduced now I can got only 2 from 5 attack but is work fine when you buy attack speed items or using skill speeding up the attack like Ringo 2 skill exmpl I feel like they Nerf stutter step early game is bug or is more hardest I try in practice with touch & joystick I’m ready to record video for you guys can understand what I mean
They improve joystick now is the priority to the movement not for attack anymore and now you can choose target by tapping I like this
Edit:I think I understand what wrong rip easiest old stupper step with joystick now is need Special Rhythm harmony the attack need to be done before you click attack again now is not spamming attack button and moving stick is more complicated now is more hardest than tapping control where the ppl crying for add joystick and is for noob try stutter step with level 1 hero using joystick and see how much is hard now in 3.9.1

Conclusion: stutter step better with tapping early game and joystick late game but if you forcing to use joystick like me because you play in phone try to buy the attack speed items firstly

You don’t have to play with joystick on phone. I much prefer touch and I play on phone.

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Yes I prefer touch too 5 inch so hard but I have one 5.7 I’ll try to used it joystick to be honest in VG is suck need more improvement.