Guild event is live

Guys event just went live earn fame to get amazing prizes, currently my guild is in the top spot

Hopefully we will keep it

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The SEMC guild is participating? Really? It’s generally accepted that companies that run contests don’t participate in them.



The contest is rigged.
But really, why would they leave themselves in? They should have everything because they made the game and if they actually rank high, they’ll straight up be taking away rewards that are useless for them from other players

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i think SEMC is just there for the fun. if they actually win, the prize will default to the next team.

kinda like a “catch me if you can”… incentive. there will be a clause in the terms and conditions, about SEMC employees participating. There usually is in every competition.


I think it’s just because the semc guild is well… A guild, and the tech they’re using for this event does not differentiate it from any other guilds.
I’d assume that if they win, the price goes for the next guild that is second to them, iirc, devs have all unlocks anyway.

I agree with those comments that they wouldn’t actually accept any prizes if they were to win, but that’s not really my point. What irks me is the poor optics of them being on the leaderboard of their own contest. It just LOOKS bad.

As far as the difficulty of filtering out their guild from the contest leaderboard – it takes one line of code.

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The guild event is out. SEMF where you at?
The more fame your guild gets, the better the reward.
15k Will get a rainbow tabby skaarf chest, which needs 10 summer keys to open.(How to get these, by playing or level up? Hopefully a free way and not RNG key gain lol)
A randow legendary blueprint, an unowned rare skin, 4k glory, and 400 essence(why would they bother with the essence lol)
Go read the rest

Also the top 10 guilds with most fame get more prizes. I know 1st gets the skin, not the chest.

It says “My progress”. Does it mean my guild’s progress?

That’s how much guild fame you have accumulated so far. You need like 15K to get a Rainbow chest for a shot of getting that new skin.

I could be wrong tho. Since it’s showing some numbers next to leading guilds names which I assume is guild fame.
who knows