Guild chats working?

Anyone else notice chat features are working?

Don’t give us false hope now. That’s strictly not cool. :expressionless:

They are working on my end and i have messages in my guilds chat

they work here in sea, worst feeling is sometimes you cant see the ingame chat like fuk

Guild? Oh you mean that beaten up system thing that need a major overhaul?

Sorry, that wasn’t to be taken entirely serious.

I’m not sure how your experiences have been, so far, but for me, chat has been working intermittently the entire time. It was more a question of reliability.

Mostly it hasn’t worked except for messaging one person has always worked for some reason. But i have been checking it since 3.2 and it has been working regularly



Haha, oh man, cheers!

Anyone else think it’s pathetic that we get excited over a feature that has been in-game for years is now … working sometimes for some people?

SEMC has proven time and again that they are willing to ignore features in the game that don’t work as intended while they add new features … that ALSO don’t work as intended.

It seems to me that such an approach isn’t a recipe for long-term success. I think it’s one of the reasons that VG hasn’t seen the growth that they were looking for.


As you’ve described this - this is one of the many reasons I’ve stepped away from Vainglory recently.

Ive never had trouble with any chat features. NA seems fine. My guild also never has issues.

If people did you’d never know as they can’t tell you

Discord my guy.

This text will be blurred

Discord is the best alternative to in-game chat. But it’s useless for solo queue and less than ideal for parties involving people from outside your guild (who presumably know which Discord channel to connect to).

Sadly, SEMC doesn’t see guilds as important, so it seems unlikely that they’re going to devote much time to fixing such things anytime soon.

[aside: did you know if that if you switch your iOS keyboard to Irish that autocorrect doesn’t fix your English typos? Lol]


Yeah honestly I can’t bother adding another thing to my phone for a game especially since i use my phone for business too

My entire guild is on the discord so we dont have to worry about it. The only time we do use guild chat is for spam as a joke