Guide to Catherine

For the longest time I played carry or filled, until 3.5 when I finally decided to be a Catherine one trick so here’s my guide.
Skills: Overdrive A and B unless the enemy is extremely Ability dependent
Items: Rush Pulsewave first and then buy Fountain of Renewal, Crucible, War Treads, Rook’s Decree, and your choice of a Utility Item.
Well that’s kinda it that’s all I do but I win games pretty easily on Catherine so that’s all I have for more guide.

Doesn’t Catherine need tons of cooldown reduction to get super tanky from her passive?
Also what should you max first?A or B?

Buying both Pulsewave and Fountain makes you buy lifespring twice, and you only get its passive once. Not a really good build imo, should be something like PW AS CW RD.

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Overdriving A is a waste. B and C are better.
No clockwork?
Pulseweave Rooks Crucible are the core of her build…

overdriving A is not a waste , it depends if you against burst damage you max B first , mobility heroes max A , like if you in 3v3 against skye not overdriving A is trolling because your B is worthless .

That should be explained in the guide lol

Iv been a Captain main for a while and as my main amongst the Captains is Cath I am happy to see other people show some appreciation for her.
That being said I have to disagree for your build path/items. First id say not to fully rush anything as Cath, but simply prioritize getting a Renewal as first T3 item. While building up to the full renewal I tend to pick up some cooldown items so I can build stacks, after all the point is to remain the tankiest player in the game even in last game. Her kit allows you to be in their face ALL the time so building stacks early is paramount. My second item depends on my opponents and how they play: if they are heavy attack speed builds il aim for an atlas almost immediately after. However if not I recommend either getting boots (journey: if your snowballing and need to chase or halcyon: If your aiming to build stacks for late game harrassment) or a contraption to gain vision control/cooldown for your stack building and stun cooldown. Because of my agressive playstyle while playing cath my follow up items will be clockwork, Aftershock, and stormcrown. Please note that if your team is getting bursted down get a crucible IMO id build crucible before getting armor if its that bad. Also note that if you build enough stacks by late game you can actually get away with not building any armor items until near end game.

My build doesnt work for everyone however I try to play to Catherines strengths during the match because simply building a basic cap build though can work quite well it will only do that. Alot of the basic captain items can be subbed out by well coordinated positioning or good decision making during the match although not completely it can still allow you to prioritize other things.

Ex: Pulseweave: Hold onto your A for a bit instead of popping it to enter the fight use it as a chase or deterent, Crucible: If its a skill shot use your B to bounce back the damage and block it from your teammate taking the hit, if its not a skillshot; time your stun correctly to force them out of the attack.

IMO wartreads arent that useful of an item unless your teammates are letting themselves get kited for days.

Oh and always overdrive A & B never C (at least in 3v3, I dont play 5v5 so no clue about that)
Gone are the days where pumping upgrade points into her A doesnt change her cooldown on it so its absolutely worth it, However get that B as the first overdrive. As an aggressive Cath you need to be bouncing that damage back.

There are major differences between captain cath and top lane cath, for the thread to have any meaning this difference needs to be made.

My captain cath build:

My top lane cath build:

Vision item is optional, armour will become Slumbering Husk.

Cath needs to stack stuns and silences asap. Open up with A always, max B and then max Ult especially on top lane cath but also on captain cath. When you have a Clockwork your ultimate will be up a lot and it will be utility, a finisher and a stack gainer.

If there are 3+ enemies to hit nail them. Your B will lower Ult cd by a ton and allow you to stun more too.

60+ stuns should not be an issue…

i never rank 5v5
what should top cath do in first 5min especially vs duos?


Stun enemies and fight under turret. Secure your healing treant for the exp. Hit lvl 2 asap! You need to bubble up to farm and kill enemies. If they overextend into your turret stun them and clear the minions.

First off I just prefer A and B abilities because I usually get matched up with burst damage heroes and I like single target cc better than the team wide silence. Also I know that the lifespring passive doesn’t stack but Pulsewave and FoR and for different purposes, Pulsewave helps me keep up in DPS when facing carries and Fountain of Renewal is for healing allies.

If you want DPS go AS, although you shouldn’t be trying to out dps people as support

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