Grumpjaw's perk rework idea

-Overall HP is reduced by 50 HP.
-Base armor and shield is reduced from 20-60 to 20-50.
●Perk: Living Armor:
-Stack lost duration is changed from 1s to 0.75s (+0.075s per level)
-Now each stack no longer reduces incoming damage yet still retains the damage increase/stack for Grumpy. To compensate for that, whenever Grumpjaw receives 250 damage or more from an attack he will automatically receive fortified health worth of 1% (+0.15% per level) of his max health per stack that lasts for 2s (+0.15s per level). Every basic attack on heroes will receive fortified health worth of 0.1% his max health until it is depleted and reset the duration of it. MAX 15% OF HIS MAX HP
●B: Hangry:
-Now will triple the amount of fortified health receive while active
-Cooldown is reduced from 6s/6s/6s/6s/5s to 6s/6s/5s/5s/4s.


For anyone who likes this rework(which I highly doubt anyone will), I’d suggest that you play WP Reim(as much as I dislike that idea) as it is, imo, very similar to this but instead of dumb amounts of fortified health, you’re slowing enemies with each AA

P.S: Anybody feeling the déjàvu?




grump already works well with his perk, why even change it?

Reim max fort HP is 25% while mine is only 15%. And you have to basic attack on heroes to keep it and it only exists to a maximum of 3.5s

Removing the damage reduction and replacing it with fortified health but still letting Grumpjaw have his damage increase per stack means letting Grumpjaw rush headfirst into an enemy and take them down within 3.5s(which is possible even in the early game btw) while not taking too much damage so he’ll pretty much destroy anything in his path once he builds enough wp/crit, he’ll basically become a WP Grace with more gap closers and more tankiness but no guarentee of two-hits-free-kill

Just changed my values again according to ur comment

With this change I wish to make Grumpjaw easier to get bursted down if he doesn’t attack but when he does, he’ll get extremely tanky

Ya like Grumpy boy eh? This change will make him as tanky as ever but he must attack to get that level of tankiness

you see, this would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that he has 2 gapclosers, one of which is a low cooldown dash with a cone slow. grumpjaw would have little problem sticking to his opponents and attacking

Mmm. You are right but my idea looks nice. How can we change the rest of his kit?

we don’t change an entire hero’s kit to fit in a perk. this is pretty much grumpjaws perk any way because when he attacks he satys tanky but if he doesn’t then the enemies can poke him until hes not tanky. why don’t

But now I want to make him squishy when you are out of combat but become very tanky in combat.



Grumpjaw is incredibly strong, however he has a very simple counter: attack speed. Another one is being stunned and attacked until his perk is nonexistent.

There seems to be a mentality in this game that any hero should be able to 1v1 any other hero and win, or that team focusing shouldn’t be a thing. I also get that it’s hard to focus 1 hero while 2 others are attacking you, but this is why patience in this game is key: not rushing to get kills, actually rotating, killing minions instead of always trying to do damage to enemies, waiting under turret for enemies to come to you, baiting sentry to push enemies back.

The last 2 can help immensely with taking down Grumpjaw.

The only practical nerf I could see to Grumpjaw is lowering the base CP ratio he gets from his A while keeping the ratio per stack. He does a bit too much damage with his A alone. Even transferring some of that damage to his B would make sense. His perk, however, is fine the way it is.

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How is attackspeed a counter? his perk gets removed per second under attcak so you just need one basic attack per second

His B and the attack speed are going to be refreshing his perk as well. If you attack him faster than he’s attacking you, that refresh time is taken out of the equation, making his stacks actually stay going down even in the middle of a fight with him. If you’re attacking him slowly, he’s not going to lose stacks as fast as he’s going to build them.

Dot helps kill CancerJaw stacks , I think he’s balanced

I should also add @Pigstuffs that the reason att speed also counters Grumpjaw is because you can do more dps while he’s down stacks & before he builds them up. In a real fight, chances are you are going to be kiting in some form, range or melee, and so is the Grumpjaw.

Here’s a scenario: You meet a Grumpjaw in lane, you go at it, he’s lost 2 stacks and has taken some dmg, he’s going to A: either push an attack to get his stacks back and do more dmg, or B retreat and build stacks that way. If you push him & attack, with speed, you’ll be doing more dps while he’s down stacks, and also be preventing him from getting more, taking advantage of the lowered defense. If you don’t have att speed, he’s going to push with his B and build those stacks back and your dps is significantly less while he’s building. Also, in line with that, a good Grumpjaw, or any melee, isn’t going to stand there and go toe to toe with you with auto attacks. He’s going to kite away to reset those stacks, and charge back at you. That’s where having more dps in the time frame that you are attacking him matters more than flat out doing big damage, because his stacks go down per second and soak that dmg up anyway. Another good thing to have facing Grumpjaw is move speed. Helps you kite away from his B, preventing him from building stacks that way, and prevents him from escaping when his perk is down.

I know this is a little more technical, but that’s how you take down Grumpjaw. A Bonesaw also does wonders against him.

surely since the stacks are damage reduction it would be better to go full damage against him? help @Kcnkcn do the math