Grumpjaw ult

Grumpjaw+Teleport boots into base works well to remove a single high priority target easily. It is not optimal or anything but is definitely fun to do so. Mostly enemies think you will spit them out near a turret but teleport back to base will surprise them. TP boots doesn’t get cancelled even if you take damage and grumpjaw ult gained a buff where cc can’t interrupt it


that does sound hilarious though.
but you also remove gj from the fight for some time, depending on where the fight is happening, so it may not be that optimal to do.

This is a must for my next 5v5 match … (Must make sure my team won’t need me for a bit, as @Tamaticon says …)

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might be a good idea towards the end of a fight, if you just want to secure a kill, heal and buy and start one of the dragons.

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i wonder if it could backfire… but unlikely… there’s not many heroes who could tank that first initial burst of damage from being at the enemy base…

Yes that is a drawback but it can be used to deal with splitpushers like Joule or saw and stop them

You have like a .5 second window to do it tho

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Tough to pull it off , I practiced with a friend of mine after thinking of this. I use TP boots a lot so I am somewhat familiar with using it readily.