Grumpjaw cheese strat still in the game

If GJ ults you, he can use teleport boots to base to insta kill you essentially…this should not be in the game…

thats been known since 3.1 >_>

It needs to be removed next patch…I only just now experienced it and it’s so fucking toxic

Power move use you own TP boots to teleport him to your base


lol if only that were possible it’d be funny. idk i think its fine, as he can ult and jb/hc into his base if you’re pushing the armory or crystal so…though it might hurt if it’s done to you constantly during the course of the match from across the map especially if you’re a captain.

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You should watch Leon play Grumpjaw. He gets the Teleport boots but doesn’t actually use it to teleport back to base.

But because he has it, literally the entire enemy team is scared to engage.


this would probably only work in the high tiers, lower tiers might be less likely to look at enemy builds

They should probably make it so enemies swallowed by him cannot tp with him and just get spit out the moment he tp’s. Having an insta kill ability at any amount of health is unhealthy…

Yea yea this is pretty funny, but you know what’s even better?

Ozo using his ult against a backing enemy to teleport into their sanctuary.

It was glorious. A while ago (when ozo was still bad,) I got paired with PlayOffBeard. He played ozo, and tried to stun my teammate who was backing. He tp’d into our sanctuary lmao and still tried to kill him. I was a noob at the time too so it was extra funny.

Pretty sure this has been patched or wouldn’t work in 5v5 tho

This has appeared more than once in pro play and it is getting very toxic.

The main idea is that the Grumpjaw buys Stormcrown+Teleportation Boots+More Tanky Items and cooldown.

The pros basically use their ultimate on the high-priority squishy target OR their captain and use teleportation boots back to a scout cam they placed in the base, leaving the hero to die, which guarantees them a free kill AND elimates the high priority target with little effort.

Though admittedly, the combo is quite difficult to pull off, when it is, it is pretty much screams toxic.

I have also faced this in RANKED 5v5 and it is really frustrating and it makes players want to range quit.


Just gonna say despite this being a cheese strat:

  1. It’s hard to pull out.
  2. It’s hard to get the perfect target.
  3. It removes a tank (Grumpjaw) and another hero of any kind from a teamfight.
  4. They did one of those “not in patch note” nerfs, it’s way easier to reflex block his Ult now unlike a time like the WP Grumpjaw OPOP meta.
  5. Adding on to the reflex block, it’s awkward when you’re TPing back home with nothing…
  6. It’s a skill shot.

The GJ player is sweating as much as you and tbh the TP GJ is becoming inferior to a proper proc tank GJ build because of his recent buff… Issa cheese strat.

Did you know that you can tap on the minimap instead of panning the minimap to TP? hehe.

Still, is toxic and not healthy for the game.

Um…I might be saying something dumb here but…

Reflex block?

can you consistently block grumpjaw’s ult ?

That (growl?) he makes is very predictable,so I do block it most of the time…But I don’t see a lot of Grumpjaws in my games(last grumpjaw I fought against was a month ago),so I can’t say I’m a pro at timing it.

Just make it so he spits them(cancels the ult) out when he channels tp boots

They buffed it so he does not spit people out when stunned remember?

pt was making a suggestion owo


O I mis-read it then. Yeah that’s exactly what needs to happen in that case lol

I played grumpjaw several times in 5v5 but I didn’t build teleport boots
I think the build is funny and it has counters , it does need a lot of practice I’ve seen a lot of grumpjaw spit the hero before they teleport by a second , and you have heroes like Lyra prevent dashing , lance push grumpjaw , phinn can block the way and can’t be eaten , like we already have jump and dash heroes or op ults like idris and Reza .

So you need practice and bad enemy to constantly make it work , I prefer buying normal boots over teleport boots , what really makes him annoying is the pulse wave it’s the item that makes him buy the teleport boots , because he get the speed boost frequently so no need for boots which lead to why not I buy teleport boots ! .