Grumjaw churnwalker interaction

Grumpjaws ult removes all chains of CW. Is it a bug or intended? If it is intended then grumpjaw is a counter to churn.

I don’t know why it wouldn’t detach all the chains.

Grumpjaw isn’t really a counter to churn because the churn is on your team… he’s more like someone who does not synergies with him.

I think you’re misinterpreting what OP is saying. OP is saying that swallowing CW himself removes the chains from all of his hooked targets, making him rehook all of his targets, directly countering him.


Isn’t that the whole point? …

Seems reasonable…

Just played a match where Churnwalker and Tony we’re on the same team, they also had Ringo and Skye… To traumatized to remember the fifth. The only one who made a difference. In that mix was Grumpjaw. A well played Grumpjaw at that… But yeah…

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Yep. Grumps ult can make churns ult mute, just like many others. It’s what grump does.

Bear in mind that due to the DoT from his chains, Churnwalker does a nifty job of clearing GJ’s stacks in addition to his pull to mess up Grumpjaw’s A. I’d personally call this more of a skill matchup than x countering y.