Greyed out players in casual

When playing casual often times one or two players go like 0/16/0 or 1/14/1. Their names get greyed out/transparent in build panel but without the line crossing their names, which would say they afked. Does anybody know what does it mean?

If a player is greyed out, he went AFK.

The name is only crossed out on the post-screen match, in order to make AFKs more visible and reporting easier.

Aha. But there was no notice “ally has deserted the match”. So i thought it was something different.

Probably deserters get replaced by bots silently these days. I tought just wow how stoicly these people continue to play, but it was just bots suiciding. :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s precisely it. The bot-replacement will stop in higher tiers, but there’s no longer an announcement these days. (At least I have not noticed one in a while.)

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