Greatest moment in game

Just played a 5v5 versus some vainglorious players including a top 40 VG silver.

The player was a very good Ozo:

He was bangaranging my way and I had no RB…
I fired my Lightside A and he just kept spinning in place right in front of a turret…

It was a heat of the moment shot which hit home and saved me as well as being very funny to see a speeding Ozo Slow down so rapidly lol.

That’s probably a bug. Root shouldn’t stop dashes.

Is Bangarang a dash though? I don’t think it is…

It felt epic lol and definitely required skill to do…

I wouldn’t really classify bangarang as a dash
To me it’s just rapid movement

@Xaldarian nice with that shot, better than the kestrels that stealth and have ozo just spin in the mist

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Thats muy dumb dumb now I think Ozo should be immune to CC during his roll.

I actually just now learned you can use that root to stop him mid-animation. Thank you for that

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Hell no how toxic would an unstoppable stun be? Mind you Bangarang is fast. He came rushing in from the right bush towards me I was in front of mid turret. It was a split second shot to stop him he was at 1.5x his normal attack range removed from me.

Wait what do you mean? Bangarang is the easiest thing to Reflex Block and is a pretty good way of practicing Reflex Blocking. He doesn’t stun when you run from him either so it takes skill on Ozo’s part as well. It’s also his Ult and it doesn’t have a WP ratio so it really isn’t that OP. Right now it just pushes people away who are in his path so he stops Cath stun and any other melee stun from affecting him but now we have stuff like Kinetic and other ranged roots/stuns. He is a melee hero too so its kind of unfair towards him, CUZ IT IS HIS ULT. If he gets rooted when hes just walking around, yes die, but the Ozo player doesn’t have control either. BF can freely move as well and his damage output is greater than Ozo but just has less sustain.

Bangarang from close range deserves a stun anyways. The Ozo should have been rewarded but instead dies because his movement was too telegraphed…