Great new RTS

I have just started playing Castle Burn as a casual in-between game.

It is a real RTS with income creation, army capacity increases through building more barracks and contrary to regular games like Clash Royal you hold all your units as reseachable cards in game.

You build your deck while playing. This is the best RTS I have seen on mobile so far.

I played a lot of RTS games from Warcraft 1 to Starcraft 2 Lotv and age of empires 1-3 and C&C etc.

Castle Burn is a real RTS for mobile and might be worth a look.

Cheers guys

Downloading rn. Finna smack u up

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In game screen shot.
It shows several barracks and crystal mines

Trying it out and I am immediately impressed. Seems to have pretty deep strategy for deck building and the pack system is ACTUALLY GOOD! I am SO happy they did not take the clash Royale route where card packs take 10 years to open. Now when I get them I can open immediately granted if I have a key to use which is FAR more f2p friendly. I am definitely sticking with this game by the looks of it

Thicc Archer thighs save lives

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So far it seems like Leon might be the strongest hero. What I do is in the early game I get towers and spam Goblins with Leon’s power to beef them up while maintaining a ton of damage because of overwhelming numbers. I rush my Mana sentries. Goblins are also fantastic defensive units cause they take away focus from your structures while the Archer towers put in work.

I now have 3 tier 3 units. I use the archer hero mainly. You can use the return and then cancel to kite enemies and send in reinforcements so the army will be bigger after the cancel.

Amazons are extremely strong.
Spells can target the enemy castle and win every battle where time runs out.

Those are my best tips.

Buy two cards to get to the next tier fast. Poke your enemy with cheap units for vision.

If you let units return you get a refund. If you return your hero he/she will heal and be available at the same time…

My current cards.
At 520 points