Graphic/Audio changes?

I already know the treants look different, Ghostwing looks different, and that Kestrel’s A has a new audio sound. Anything else that happened?

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Something seems a little different from before. I noticed that the details around the gold treant pond seem a little more pronounced. It looks like the dialed up the intensity on the shadows just a little.
Looks great. Before this, everything looked kind of homogenous and mushy but there’s more contrast now.


Or maybe I’m just seeing things that I’m not idk :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like the resolution was bumped up

Edit: overall game is 2 times as big

Yeah I noticed the pond looked way better


The pond is meaningless without my toad


Defo they did more than few changes. So far I like them quite a lot + I feel the performance is up, heats the phone less and drains the battery slower. We will see, but so far so good.


Just noticed 3v3 map is changed a bit

How so? 30 characters? We don’t need no stinking 30 characters!


It feel like Kestrel GS has some kind of audio bug are you sure it intended like that?

The vround texture is a little better quality and the treans are green glowy

People have been complaining about it, so I assume it’s intentional.

It’s just quite random lower pitch.

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Heroes now interact with light sources. For example if you stand by tourches or glowing crystals you can see the light on your hero.


Has grumpjaw always been shiny back?

That’s been true since the game was released, fyi.

When he B’s yeah

This was before anything was used

I just noticed the ripple reflections from the river on the rocks on the banks of the river. Is that new?
Looks nice :slight_smile:

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Really? I literally went into 5v5 bot matches every patch and this wasn’t true on the rise. (I know about 3v3)

Maybe they just made it more extreme because it’s way more noticeable now.

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Oh sorry, I didn’t realize you meant 5v5 specifically … the lighting effects have always been there in 3v3, but you’re right that they weren’t in 5v5 initially. Mea culpa!

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