Granblue Fantasy Fest 2018

So, for all of you not in the know about Granblue Fantasy, it’s a JRPG/Gacha game made by Cygames, a part of the company behind Shadowverse and Uma Musume/Zombieland Saga, alongside other things (those are just the ones most relevant for you non-japs). Granblue fest, like it’s name implies, is a festival/convention for Granblue Fantasy, hosted by Cygames itself.

With day #1 over, they’ve shown off footage of their spinoff (being made by Platinum Games,) Re;Link, announced another game under the title Granblue Fantasy Versus (being developed by Arc System Works) and teased at new classes, one of which is being released in 2 days from now. This isn’t mentioning the holiday characters and skins, uncap announcements and free stuff we got. Stuff like this makes me really appreciate a nice surprise; with all the Smash Ultimate leaks dampening the hype on reveals and the lacklustre news for Vainglory, having something like this is truly a breath of fresh air.

What I really enjoyed and admire, however, was that parts that I wasn’t there in the livestream for. The beginning of the day 1 livestream was a god damn concert utilising vocaloid tech to display 3D models of characters performing and interacting with members of the crowd. It was strange to see, but it was genuinely heartwarming to see that most of the voice actors for the characters had made it to the fest and could converse with random members from the crowd after the ‘performance’, asking questions and the such.
One guy got called a cucumber. That was pretty great.

After that, they led a group of voice actors through a bunch of challenges that would reward them with the a certain number of panel openings, which would end up being rewards for the whole community. They also released a version of the quiz to everyone to challenge them (Most people are scoring around the 12/20 range, some questions are really hard.)

I feel like the reason I give enough of a damn about this is because I can pretty safely say this is a company that knows what they’re doing. Their game isn’t perfect; any player can tell you that. A lot of power is based on how good your RNG is and without any good luck the grind can be a slog. The late game content is lacking in a pretty big way. The UI is overall outdated and needs an update. But the sense of community the game can bring is god damn great and it overshadows anything VG can muster. It helps that they actually keep outdated characters relevant with occasional reworks and updates cough petal cough so you can use whatever comp you want and still be competent. Plus, they only cut out content that people dislike or is heavily flawed, instead of cutting lore and keeping Kinetic.

I’m looking forward to day #2. It looks like i missed the first 10 minutes or so of the livestream, so I’m gonna stop typing and go catch up.

Merry Christmas.

Dragalia Lost is my main gatcha game and I played FE heroes before hand. I’m slowly losing interesting in it and kinda wondering if GBF has better odds or more accessible content. I’ve heard GBF does 10-fold summons for a week period, but is that true? Kinda been trying to find a gatcha game that has more emphasis on the game part but still with gatcha elements.

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Kek, im stuck in Honkai Impact 3…

But i’ve also played FE hero, Dragalia Lost, and a few of the newly released ones but it requires too much.

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Granblue Fantasy is probably my favourite gacha game because it’s the least gacha. For rates, it’s normally 3% for SSRs but for the most part you’ll be pulling during 6% draws called Legfests and Flashfests (Beginning/End and Middle of month.) For the most part, you’ll be aiming for characters to fill our parties and summons that function as addition abilities + stats. If you save 300 draws you can ‘Spark’, which guarantees you a character/summon you want as long as they’re in the pool.

For other ways on getting characters, there are events and the eternals. Events mostly have SRs although modern collaborations have SSRs. These characters vary wildly in quality but function as filler for the most part, with some event SSRs being close to top tier (Sandalphon and Kokkoro come to mind). There are past events archived in side stories that can be cleared at basically any time so you can get a set of SRs pretty quickly. The second method is the Eternals, which are grindable SSRs that are extremely powerful. Most late game parties consist of at least one of these characters. There are a few other ways of getting SSRs such as linksmate and the casino, but the most important one is probably Monika from the arcanum, who is incredibly strong for a free character. You can straight up make a F2P wind party of Siete, Monika and Nio and be competitive late game.

You can amass 300 draws about every 6 months if you do all the events and log in every day, which is about 1.5 draws a day. I think that’s what you mean when you say a 10-fold weekly.

Downside to the game is that it’s hard to get into and takes a lot of time to amass power. I would recommend this guide for installing on mobile:
Personally I’ve played for over a year and I’m just now getting close to having a late game party in one element, with a lot of my other parties being mediocre or even straight up weak (RIP my water team), but this is partially because I’ve neglected these elements and that I’m mostly a casual.

It’s a long journey, but personally, I think it’s a fun one. You’ll have to real a lot of tutorials though. The grid system is a doozy.

I respect the hell out of them for their lack of having to pay crazy amounts to stay with the curve. Dragalia Lost has given me tons of freebies.