Grace is not broken at all guys

So I updated and the first thing I did is go to practice mode and try 45% cooldown build on Grace and it takes 7 perk attacks to refresh her ult. If she has CW it’s probably 5.
Ur welcome.


Not attacking you personally, but I have a rather strong objection to tossing around the term “cancer” so lightly.

This is the definition of cancer:

and it is a devastating disease, even when it can be cured. I see this firsthand every single day.

Please, let’s find another way to express this.


Yes sure, I’m sorry This text will be blurred


Have a like for your effort and updated thread.

Curious to see her function in game without nerfs…

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I mean I don’t think people were scared of captain Grace but instead her weapon power side. Just having a low CD on a burst heal that actually gives pretty decent heal is kind of toxic on a WP Bruiser and that isn’t even talking about the damage reduction you get from it so it makes sense to just heal the carry and tank the damage because you can tank hard after getting 4 shields around you. Good thing is that SH is become more useful against burst damage and Grace will actually have a capping point this time and will not deal 400-700 damage per AA against squishies.
WP Grace early game is still probably oppressive af but I won’t comment further on that because I haven’t tried the update out yet.


WP Grace needs to be nerfed too. She’s too tanky and does too much damage wins any 1v1 besides Krul.

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I thought not nerfing Celeste in 3.2 was pretty questionable on SEMC’s part. BUT BUFFING AN ALREADY META HERO WITH HIGHEST WIN RATE IN NA, really?

But she can’t 1v5 and get penta, that’s her downside


Oh shit you right. How did I not know how to counter her?


Lowkey hope she’s OP with that low CD ult so that they give it HP ratios :eyes:

Captain grace is also powerful!
Capacitor plate + SG = massive heal
Wack and beat people
Spam heal everywhere
Repeat, wack and heal everyone.

Grace is as strong as lyra.


She can in wp grace if you know how to position aim and land your B. Snowballing is easying for me

Ringo can handle her…

Grace was always strong as a captain.

Land your B when they try to 1v1 you and they are melee just to delay the inevitable: them dying. :star_struck:

I know. I love abusing her heal on allies

And then grace walks off with a laughter…

Buffing one of the best meta picks, classic semc

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You know I’m all about that mace.

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Who ever did this deserves a Medal…