Grace has an OP bug

Grace cannot be stunned out of her Ultimate anymore.
Just played a game where 4 different stuns failed to stop her from healing someone. The channel continues even though she is stunned.

This makes her Overpowered and a ban priority.

The stuns landed and weren’t blocked. Even a Glaive punt with displacement didn’t stop her.

Nice bug. Time to abuse before Hotfix (which will break the game). lol


it is intentional

did you really believe that?

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I picked cath to stop her. Her B when overdriven can’t be stopped already and now her C on top of that.

Ban her

Maybe not all the time because I can block her heal.

When did you do that? Maybe it was the hotfix…

Aside from the disgustingly high damage and her sustain, as well as team fight presence, yeah this bug makes her a definite ban… (as if she wasn’t before)

Just now… I playing as cath against grace.

I had 4 stuns where the enemy was healed.

I believe it still goes off when she dies mid-ult too .-. I played a match against her the other day and her ult still healed her ally even after she died

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Maybe there is a window in which she can be stunned?

I am gonna try a practicr with my friend as cath and gracr

You dont stop the channeling but you stop the heal (i mean, she will still be channeling, but once finished, she doesnt heal anyone).

Even if that is so the channeling does provide damage reduction on both Grace and her target. Once stunned both should drop too…

That would be hilarious to see especially if it was an echo Grace

Can you stop this heal? Can you stop this heal?


Well time to get some guildies and party up!

Ban the usual suspects and firstpick Grace. start with crystal bit and flaregun and look at that damage and healing! Couldn’t even get to full build. Their Grumpjaw was super oppressive.

i was playing grace recently and my ult got stopped by stuns hhhhhhhhhhhh flamingo screams intensifies


I wanted to believe it :pouting_cat: