GOT Thread


The fact that you remembering this as a great episode make this season super bad like theses moments can happen in any season of game of thrones and we would forget them the next day.


like for example the scene where aria and the dog in the palace and the dog asked aria to leave and she just said ok and she was full of fear , that’s not aria the one moving around alone and doing crazy things all the past seasons , she killed the night King !!


A good article about the depth of feeling that GoT generated in its fans … and why there’s been so much blowback about Season 8.


no Iam against the petition and remakes, it’s already ruined , just move on .


That’s not the point of the article. At all.

And of course they’re not going to reshoot an entire season.


Yeah I know Iam talking about the people , just move on or wait the books , there is speculations saying the writer wants to make people wait the books not the show , ooh 9000 IQ marketing plan .


Well, I never really like endings. I never want my favorite shows to end! I didn’t like to see Breaking Bad end, nor Friends, and the list goes on.

I do think the episode was good. It’s always hard to end a series - what a difficult task! Some of the dialogue was cheep and cheesey at the small council meeting toward the end, but it made me chuckle, and it gave you a sense of hope for the new Westeros. Good ole Bronn and his brothels!

Dragon and Dany was just touching. A very powerful scene.

Not pleased with who was named king. To be honest, I’m not sure who else would make us as fans feel any better.

Overall, I liked the episode and the significance of the very last scene. life renewing where it seemed to first start, the real north (remember, fist of the first men. I liked that touch.

As for some criticism, Arya’s ending was my least favorite part. That was a head scratcher.


It’s a great show. An all-timer, I imagine. Listen, I’ll willing to concede that season 8 was not their best. Probably in the bottom 3 for their seasons. But their worst season is better than most series’ best seasons out there.

One of my points in my very first post in this thread is that in some ways, the show has almost spoiled us, and that overall, it was epic and a hell of a ride. And while a bit rushed, I love the ride season 8 took me on as well. Just when you think you’ve got your finger on the pulse, you don’t. A great show that was willing to go anywhere to shock and awe it’s viewers.

I’m sad to see it go.


She mentioned wanting to do that way back when she was with that acting troupe, in a conversation with the lead actress. I liked that she ended up doing it. But! It did come across as a little random, despite that convo, and I think it would have actually played a bit better if she had just kind of done it without telling anyone. Would’ve been a bit more her, I think, that is, very driven, but also a bit aimless, in a melancholic way.


^^ This. Arya never fit neatly into her role as a Stark daughter – or as a woman in Westeros, in fact. I like the fact that she leaves Westeros behind at the end of GoT – the end of her story as a Stark is really the beginning of her own story, as Arya. Plus, it’s got a very Tolkienesque vibe, which I like: sailing off into the West, like one of the elves at the end of the Third Age.


I don’t agree with most of these, but Littlefinger’s speech was definitely a high point for me: chilling in its revelation of Baelish’s cynicism and endless ambition. Loved every word of it and how Aiden Gillen delivered it – just perfect.

What would you guys pick as your favorite scenes of the series?


Too hard for me to answer right now. From the list they provided, Tyrion’s “confession” is #1. ‘Hold the Door’ is #2.

I agree that Baelish’s little speech was epic. But the above two scenes were just so incredible. I remember being glued to the screen.

Dang. Such a great series. I may rewatch again soon.


How dare they not include a single scene with Pedro Pascal. He was probably the most well-loved guest star the show has ever had.


His scene with Tyrion in the cell, claiming to be his champion, was an epic one.


Season 7 really had some strong scenes IMO, upon further reflection. A really brief but powerful one was Arya’s brief reunion with her direwolf, Nymeria.

They are so similar in this scene. They’ve gone ‘rogue’ and aren’t tied down by anyone. For a fleeting moment, they both show vulnerability. Nymeria stops the growl and snarl and has those soft eyes. Arya, nearly in tears, drops the tough act for a moment and talks of returning home. Cool scene.

And of course, Baelish’s execution scene! I actually didn’t see it coming. I really thought he was about to turn the girls against each other. Very powerful scene for Sansa!