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Game of Thrones.

Any viewers and fans of the show? I love it. Let’s partake in conversation while making a reasonable effort to avoid spoilers.

My first question is: what are folks overall thoughts on the latest episode, I believe season 8 episode 5?
I am reading a lot of entitled fans whining and moaning about character assassination, poor writing z etc.

I couldn’t disagree more. So many hints were given all throughout the series regarding character development and arcs. The music was suspenseful last episode. It was a more realistic and gut wrenching result. I felt awful watching it - which is exactly what you want with a certain character’s tragedy. I was glued to the screen much as I’ve been for a majority of the episodes.

I’m looking forward to the series finale! Can’t believe it’s almost here!


Looks like I’m one of those whinny entitled fan then.
First of all let me get this out of the way,I like the direction they took with wanting Dany becoming the mad queen. What irks me is how rushed the entire thing is. It’s even more sad when you realized that HBO actually offered them more seasons to flesh out the story and yet DnD refused, resulting in Dany’s plotline feeling rushed instead of satisfying.

Character assassination, the main one that pisses me off is Jaime’s character arc being thrown into the trash after this episode. Some might argue that not everyone can truly change, but the thing is that we saw that Jaime has in fact, changed for the better over the seasons. The ‘I don’t care about the innocents’ line is pure bull, the entire reason he became the Kingslayer was precisely because he cared, he sacrificed his honor for the people.

" Tell me, if your precious Renly commanded you to kill your own father and stand by while thousands of men, women, and children burned alive, would you have done it? Would you have kept your oath then?" -Jaime, S3E4

Sandor Clegane’s character conclusion was the only thing that I enjoyed that episode.

While I will admit that Season 8 as a whole has one of the most stunning cinematography and the most lit soundtrack I’ve ever heard (Props to Ramin Djawadi, The Night King was bloody epic) in a TV series, the writing in this is just ugh… The writing has already started going south in season 5, season 6 was pretty good, but 7 & 8 is just downright bad. But our focus is with Season 8 so lets talk about that. Episode 1 and 2 were the only episodes I enjoyed this season, episode 2 is in fact one of my favourite one this past few season. But episode 3 and onwards…

Episode 3 in entirety would take me a lot of time to write out all the problems I have with it, so let’s just focus on the main thing, Arya killing the Night King. I just want to say that I have no problems with Arya killing the Night King, provided that there were actual logic following through with it. Where did Arya come from? How did she manage to get behind the Night King without the wrights and other White Walkers noticing her at all? Where did she jump from? I personally feel like if Jon Snow had a bigger role to play in the actual fight against the Night King, then Arya’s kill would have made much more sense. Her stealth would have been much more believable if she had Howland Reeded the Night King while fighting Jon instead of straight up yeeting herself at the Night King. The way they did it in the show makes me question the point of Jon’s resurrection in season 6. The problem I have is that Dumb and Dumber made the decision for Ayra killing the night king is that they purely did it for the surprise factor (Source: Behind the Episode), just to SuBeRt ExpECtaTiOnS. They said they planned it 3 years ago but that was pure bull. Melisandre’s eye prophecy was made way before then and she definately didn’t mean the Night King, else what was the point of following Stannis.

Episode 4 manage to take the writing to a whole new low. First off, Rheagal’s death. How in the seven hells did Dany and her dragons not notice the Iron Fleet when they were literally flying high in the air? How the heck did Euron managed to shoot Rheagal in the first place? D&D’s answer for this in their Behind the Episode was literally and I quote “Dany kinda forgot about the Iron Fleet”. I’m sorry, what? They just had a f-ing war council where Varys specifically mentions the Iron Fleet, where they set the plan to prevent the Iron Fleet sending supplies to the capital. How do you manage to forget about the very same fleet that has successfully ambushed you two times in the past (ie. Yara’s Kidnapping and Casterly Rock). Where was Yara Greyjoy anyways? Did she just decided to chill after retaking the Iron Islands?

Part of this made me sad that they didn’t use book’s Euron “Crow’s Eye” Greyjoy and instead have a bootleg Jack Sparrow in replacement. Book Euron is literally trying to become a lovecraftian god through blood sacrifice. He processes a Valyrian steel armor, a Dragonbinder ( a horn that can bind dragons to the his will). If they had just adapted book Euron, some of the stuff in episode 4 would have actually made sense.

Having read the leaks for episode 6, I can say that I’m frankly quite disappointed with all of this, and I can see why D&D said that they would stay away from the Internet after it airs. Maybe your gonna tell me to just stop watching if I’m so disappointed. You may be right, but I’ve gone too far to stop now.


I like this season so far even the last episode, Arya and Sandor was really great, always like Arya’s story. I do think they should’ve done more episodes tho so certain things could develop better instead of being rushed at times, but I’m still looking forward to the finale.


As someone watched game of thrones from the early seasons and was waiting each season and enjoying it , I actually was waiting the winter comes , and watching this season made all what I watched the passed years for nothing , like I think if they didn’t release it would be better , I would prefer the unfinished story over this season , the characters reactions and conversations are weird it’s not unique anymore .

It’s like semc when they went 5v5 and crossplatform , vg is not like before , game of thrones is not like before .


Doesn’t irk me. It’s realistic. She’s always had a bit of madness in her. Jorah was there to calm her worst impulses. Often, a dive into madness happens so fast and we can’t control it. It consumes us. That’s why it’s madness! She lost so much, so fast. Anytime anything bad has happened to her she’s always blamed those who took the throne from her family. She’s threatened many times to burn and lay waste to cities.

Watching her spiral out of control so fast was stressful to watch. But that’s exactly why I love it! It feels real. Her world was crumbling. Dothraki horde’s whiped out. Jorah dead. Her ‘lover’ rejecting her. 2/3 dragons dead. Advisor betrayal. Then there it is, the red keep, Cersei and those who ousted her family all in her grasp. Without them, she never would have gone through all the difficult ordeals. I can only imagine the anger and madness swirling through her head.

While I too am disappointed Jamie didn’t sail the straight and narrow as it seemed he was about to, I was disappointed in the character. Not the writing. I don’t always have to be pleased to like a show.

Jamie really did everything for Cersei and his family. Ultimately, it’s why he went north. To fight for the living, but who among the living does he want to protect most? It’s always been Cersei, his kids, and the Lannister family. While he had every intention of staying north, as was revealed in his imprisoned scene with Tyrion, he had slight hope maybe Cersei would live, perhaps surrender, perhaps even win. When surrender was thrown out the window with the news of her ambush on Dany, I imagine it hit him like a rock. She’s going to die. My unborn child is going to die.

In the end, he promises his brother upon release that he’s going to save her. Not fight against them. It’s full circle. He loves his family and does everything for them. Both vile and Noble. In the end what he did was noble and kind, nothing vile to it. Does he care about the innocent? Yes. Just not as much as he does about Cersei, despite in his best efforts.

Really? I loved it! That’s the the whole thing about Arya. We really don’t know how powerful she’s become. She continues to impress. She’s clearly faster and stealthier than we can imagine. The Night King controls all and he clearly had everyone fixated on Bran and his glorious moment of killing him. They put their guard down, that was all she needed. I thought it was epic. The writers mentioned they wanted you to forget about her, but she left Sandor to clearly sneak off to the Godswood.

This, I agree with. Poorly done. That was Dany’s last tender moment. Happy to see her child healing. Boom. Gone.

My other slight disappointment. Some characters I feel are just fading out pretty meekly. Thormund, Brienne, and Yara. Perhaps the mad queen spirals north and we see them? I don’t know. I never look for and always stay away from anything to have to do with leaks. So I have no idea what to expect! Please, don’t tell me anything from leaks.

Not at all. The opposite! Watch it. Enjoy it. Be less of a critic perhaps, and just enjoy it! It mat surprise you! An epic TV series is about to come to an end. Enjoy it.

Overall, why I like season 8, is that in this magical world, realism has taken it’s foot. It’s believable. Often, events and emotions occur so fast in life and we are forced to make quick, often more impulsive decisions to counter such happenings. When we’re alone, without counsel, we can make mistakes. We can lash out. We can stay calm. It’s unpredictable from one person to the next.

That’s what we’ve seen, especially with Dany and Jamie. So MUCH happened so FAST. You could argue that both went back to their core person.

It’s madness. It’s stressful. It’s visually appealing. It’s epic. It’s Game of Thrones.


I’ve been a fan since Season 1. My disappointment in Season 8 knows no bounds — I think the writing is subpar and doesn’t do GRRM’s story justice. It feels like Benioff & Weiss are laser focused on wrapping up the character arcs for the main characters and have lost sight of the characters themselves in their rush to do so. That’s to say nothing of casting aside the many important secondary characters GRRM spent loads of time weaving into the main storyline.

I’ve bookmarked a couple of well-written critiques that say the same thing more eloquently. I’ll post them here when I get time.


This is where I feel I see things differently than many folks. I never compare books to their television/movie counter parts, or I do so very casually. I believe it usually leads to disappointment. GRRM and B&W stated from the very start the series would not follow the books to a T. I feel like that should help people relax in that compare and contrast regard.

It’s disappointing people are feeling disappointed in the series this season. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, which is what makes entertainment, well, so entertaining!

My only advice is to caution people going into this last episode with a pessimistic attitude. Enjoy it. If you’re down about the show, think back to all of your favorite moments, and hope to find another in this last episode.

Seems I’ll have to agree to disagree with a few of you. I’ve loved all of this series. And I’m very sad it’s coming to an end but am awaiting this series finale with great anticipation.


I’ve not read the books, so that’s not what I meant. GRRM was heavily involved in the writing for the early seasons, but he’s been less involved in the last couple. Benioff & Weiss wrote this season based on their conversations with Martin about the overall arcs of the main characters, but the actual story is theirs, not his. And it shows, in my opinion.

I do think the writing this season is the weakest of the entire series, and it’s frustrating to me to see the series stumble like this at the end.


Ah - understood. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


This chart (from the New York Times):

got me thinking: what is everybody’s favorite episode of GoT?


Oooh battle of the bastards for sure , even when they just look to each other without talking you read things and enjoy it more than season 8 dialogues .


Battle of the Bastards is, to me, one of the greatest cinematic battles ever. Such tension. Such good vs such evil. Beautiful and horrible all in one. That whole season, season 6 I believe, is my favorite season.

Edit: Thormund’s “don’t.” = chills. Everyone knew what just happened on Jon’s side when his little brother went down… A big, collective f*** - game plan out the window!

Not sure which episode, but when Jon and Sansa reunite at Castle Black… The feels.


For cinematics, Hardhome is my favorite. I have a hard time choosing episodes that have standout writing because the characters are what I find most appealing, not any particular episode. Anything with Diana Rigg or Charles Dance gets a thumbs up in my book, but if I had to choose an episode, it would be The Ghost of Harrenhal. I love the banter that D&D wrote for Maisie and Charles; they played it incredibly well.

As far as the series goes on the whole, let’s just say that I’m glad the end of an era has arrived.


Nope I feel unsatisfied after watching the final episode , just compare the ending of breaking bad to this game of thrones end , both shows have high rates in IMDB but GOT should learn how to end like breaking bad .


I’m a big fan of “Hardhome” as well – amazingly well done all around.

As far as Season 8 goes … let’s just say they should have ended GoT with the last episode of Season 7 instead of subjecting us to that mess.


Oh c’mon, at least give me episode 2. Jamie knighting Brienne… Pod singing. That was a great episode.


There were a couple of highlights – like the entry of Dany’s army into Winterfell and the ones you mentioned – but overall … ugh.

As one of my internet friends put it, this season was “Game of Meh” :laughing:


So what did you think of the ending? Seen very few people really happy with the ending, some alright with it including me and then most really don’t like it



Just saw this headline on CNN … brutal :fire:


The ending was emotionally stunted. We were promised with bittersweet, but we got flavorless.