Got my first evoker in GBF


Nice, I still have an evolite from VS but I’ve been rlly slacking on arcarum (I mainly just use autoclears bc I’m kinda too lazy to actually play it for more/better drops) but I’ve slowly been working on Devil for Fraux bc waifu even though she’s not rlly worth going after compared to the others like Nier and Alanaan Iul.
Also nice profile message. I’m rlly looking forward to Belial in VS next week and I hope that his theme is gonna be Parade’s Lust like in his trailer. His bonus skin is definitely gonna be an instapick for me, even if it’s not fully voiced like the Djeeta one. I love the design so much.

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Fruax is the best full auto healer in fire xd

yea i cant wait to buy the belial code

and yea i own both voiced fighter oufits hehexD, i cant wait to get my hands on malicous djeeta

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