Got Dark Siren Lorelai Off A Gold Key!

I’m not much for screenshotting, though I will say the serendipity in lorelai being one of my most spammed heroes is not unnoticed!

Also, learned of a bug that I won’t divulge here but it’s pretty obvious, so someone may have seen it already.

If you are talking about a bug, there is no reason to be so reticent about posting it. If you are talking about an exploit, that is not permitted here.

Please clarify your post.

Good news! Technically it would be described as an exploit, but support said it’s neither! Maybe I just didn’t know but;

I had gotten her from the gold key box and went to the market to check how much she cost and claim ice was in place of her cost, as if I had bought the hero. I clicked on it and it gave me the ice rebate of 300, and support says you get the rebate just for having the hero, which is weird but ok. :slight_smile:

Guess I missed that part of the claim description.

Which I also just noticed means you could get her with 99 ICE and get a free 300 ICE to make up your cost.

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Lol, yeah, that’s not a bug at all – that’s how things worked last update as well … see this thread for a discussion of the rebates.


Ah ok, hadn’t read that one through!

Lmao and then I went and bought a collectible box and got 5 outta 6 duplicates and just got another about 400 ice! Amazing.


This is true, all the heroes that are “promo” are returning you ICE, no matter how you acquired them.

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Your post convinced to open the 4 gold chests I had saved up.
First one I got San Feng. Not really interested, but at least I haven’t bought him for glory already.
Next 2 useless (Am I the only one SEMC constantly gives Adagio blueprints/skins ?)
Last one… guess what… San Feng again…
So no lovely Dark Siren for me :disappointed_relieved:

Well, technically, I could with the ICE I kept saved for the next BP since there’s no more BP ^^ But probably won’t.

Darn that sucks! I really wonder sometimes how random things actually are in game. It’d be going off topic but I will say for reference that I’ve gotten only 3-5 gold keys since chests came out but only 2 of them netted me anything good, and only after SERIOUSLY long wait times on getting any loot at all.