Google announces Stadia cloud-based gaming system

Wow interesting!

Cellular is a bit different than wifi. The bottleneck is the cellular tower’s ability to only “talk to one person” at a time. it’s like a guy with a megaphone speaking to a crowd. Everyone can hear him fine, but for you to talk to guy, he can only answer one person at a time. Ms is essentially when he can’t answer questions fast enough.

Reducing latency complicated and factors to improve it directly is not well known. There are indirect methods, such as applying MIMO. (multiple imput, multiple output) It’s when your device and/or router has multiple wifi bands for transmitting and receiving, improving speeds. Gaming computers typically have it, usually 4 bands compared to 1 or 2 for regular devices. The reason why all devices don’t have mimo is because it’s energy requirement is inefficient.

Note: The notation MBps and Mbps are not the same thing, one is megabytes and other is megabits. (byte is 8 bits)

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