Goodbye and Good Luck, Vainglory

sad to see them go. theyre one of the pioneer of VG pro teams.


wtf semc is doing… instead of bringing more big teams into the game, they literally kicked out so many great teams…

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Rip everyone is leaving ;-;
The huge offseason time is pretty bad for all of us


Is that some sort of chain reaction? I don’t really buy into the “VG r zeh dyhing!!1!”-hype, despite SEMC’s less than bright behaviour; but their entire e-sports section breaking away can’t be a good thing, considering how much they rely on it for publicity and to differentiate themselves from other contenders.


The Pwnt blog post states they were denied a franchise spot. I’m curious who they’re giving the spots to and how many they have. 2 weeks until preseason, absolutely no public information on what’s happening.

VG esports seems a shambles right now. And of course, SEMC’s usual inability to communicate is contributing to the impression that the sky is falling.

Of course, maybe it actually IS falling, and they don’t know what to say … :thinking: