Good Job SEMC (Not Sarcasm!)

Wanted to give SEMC a good job on their recent efforts and tactics when it comes to balancing heroes, events, content, etc.

I’ve noticed the steady stream of pure criticism has been ebbing, and replaced with actual conversation about the game. I haven’t noticed enough congratulations to the SEMC team for the things they are now doing right, or working towards, so I figured I’d throw one in.

Thanks for righting the ship mostly and working towards providing the experience players believe in. There’s still a lot more work to do, and some might disagree, but I for one notice this game improving every patch. Signing out.


I quite agree with you! Other than esports (nonexistent) and the API (still a mess), the game seems to be on a good trajectory once again.


Ping still needs to be worked on…
I do agree though. The rank dodge penalty increase was a good idea, bugs (although some are still around) have been mostly fixed, the game is Relatively balanced, especially after that Grace patch, and the new items have drastically improved gameplay just by virtue of being there to diversify builds.
And while I do like Esports, I don’t really think it’s the most important thing at the moment. API is another matter, I would like to see that improved (show me where my CS spikes and drops are please!)


Agreed. The bugs and the horrid contact lag you get from walls is the biggest pain for me. E-Sports is definitely not the focus. It’s nice to have when you’re established but it’s a marketing ploy rather than a money-maker or core part of the game.


I agree this has been one of the most enjoyable patches in terms of balance… they’ve done a cracking job of changing up the meta with new items etc.


i think new items are always a very good idea. i hope see some new ones next season. they really spice up the game and throw people out of their comfort zones.
the battle pass was also a really good idea. this deal is so good, you cant really complain about it.

the only issues i see atm are with the rng chest selling new stuff (i want to see the skins for ice up next to the chests and a limit to how often you have to buy the chest to get the skin. greatly reduces the gambling aspect and will still make semc money) and the new chest and keys. they are like the “selling a pen” trick you see in movies about selling stuff. create the need for keys - sell keys.
if you could get them from quests (only if you need them atm), semc could reduce the free opals and ice they hand out atm by putting them behind some extra rng.
srsly i got 1100+ opals lying around now. give me some good se skins for new heroes!

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We gotta let the devs know we still love them (boUo)b

Yes good job for still having a broken match maker, di-sync gallor every game, an unresponsive UI, creating a meta where healers and barriers just out classes anything in the game, not acknowledging a game breaking bug saying the players are making it up and not communicating whatsoever about that whole esports thing.

Only thing SEMC is doing well is Characters and the art and SV lores

There are a lot of things that can still be worked on, but compared to the direction things seemed to be going in a few months ago, things are a lot better now.


So that’s what that is? Contact lagg?

I swear I thought it was in my head that is was part of the random lagg.

Lagg spikes are insufferable on skill based heroes who rely on skills to stay safe…

Item development is done well too. Game complexity is beyond any other game in both appstores …

Yeah. It didn’t always happen. Some time ago they changed something where if you touch a wall or turret the wrong way your hero stutters for the whole time you would have been touching it. So even if you walk away, if you rubbed against a turret like 4 times, you’ll stutter for like 4-6 seconds. It’s weird.

what is better now than it was before ?

SEMC have been investing quite a bit of work to give people the events and ranked rewards and additional roam items they’ve been asking for for ages.

Meanwhile, their netcode has always been shit, so any bugs or negative experiences related to that are not a new development.
Those are important issues, but you have to give credit where credit is due. If you keep giving only negative feedback no matter what they do, how is anyone over at SEMC supposed to know when they did something right, for a change?


This. There will always be things that need fixed, and QOL fixes are a lot the current fixes needed. However, they’re turning around and doing well. I love the new items and the events are a great idea.

Now, if the were only more vocal

Netcode has been a million times better for EU. Before 2.8 I rarely ever had any lagg. now rubberbanding is a real thing…

I mean what did semc do in the past months that made the game better ? I am against the white knight mentality, i won’t give credit for the sake of it the game is horrible to play

Well it’s not horrible to play…that’s the point.