Go home, Vainglory, you're drunk

Sigh… This company and this game are a joke.


Whats wrong with them joking around? Other industries do it.


When not even them take themselves seriously…

That’s pretty funny, tbh. I agree with @Aesthetic – what’s wrong with them poking fun at themselves?

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The Twitter thread is funny tho, the community just bashes them. Also I hate how oppressing lanes could be because of shitty new turrets, if we get old turrets back with old minions then I’m fine with no 30% gold. But as of right now I prefer the 30% gold if no last hit.


Heh, maybe you’re right. I might exaggerate sometimes. My bad.
It’s just that I read it and I was like: Sigh… These guys just introduce random changes just to revert them the next patch, idk how a new player would get comfortable playing a game with teenager identity issues :koshkaeyeroll:

O I’m sorry :lyra:


I saw the title “Go home VG, you’re drunk” and I just saw a kinetic bug that seems game changing.

Kinetic Infinite Range

Haha imagine being a melee laner bruiser character amirite lads?
Imagine not having easy last hits amirite?
Imagine losing lane to a full tank captain who has double your base damage amirite?

Meh, they screwed up when they don’t even give you gold for contributing to a minion kill. I understand not just handing out ambient gold but you should get something for contributing. Now captains once again have to worry about being parasitic, which is not fun gameplay eithee

It’s my favorite VG meme now lul

What’s the issue with this? they made a change, didn’t like the impact it had on the game, and reverted it. That seems like proper development and iteration to me.

also, the meme is pretty good.

They didn’t truly revert it. Trickle is still weaker than before, while last hits are more important. The pity gold from missing minions existed to keep laners who couldn’t last hit every minion, whether it be low skill, a weak early game or BEING MELEE to somewhat keep up.

Now what happens when you remove that?

Melee carry laners, who were already mostly bad, are even worse.

Also the meme is obnoxious, IMO. It’s a bad sign when the social media team can make something lighthearted like this when they really SHOULD know how people think of the balance ATM. It’s in bad taste.

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There is no issue, its funny.

Honestly I cant agree more on this

Semc is having an indentity crisis, they’re so lost they don’t know if they should full on copy Aov and lower the skill cap to the floor or keep the high skill cap which is the reason why people liked the game.

Do you play AoV?

I mean besides the meme it’s actually good. They never reverted changes before even if no one including themselves didn’t like it. I guess in a way it’s saying “we ■■■■ up” if they revert. So I’m glad they actually did now.

Not to be a negative nancy but hey it’s VG so

You complain so much about melee heroes I honestly question myself when do you have the time to even play them. They aren’t even as bad as you make them out to be, perhaps they aren’t your play style and you should reconsider for something else. People do this often it’s okay. I played BF before and after the update where his execute was bugged and it was funny because no one cared about him before but started to all because of the bandwagoning, although there is nothing wrong with bandwagoning.

Just chill. You told me a couple of times about how kinetic was OPOPOP and I didn’t see it and look at her now, she’s balanced and her only nerf was a range nerf. Providing the same complain about melee heroes isn’t providing to a discussion it’s just there to spark some form of agreement.

Do I agree with you? Somewhat. I don’t like how the leash changes work now because it’s a clear advantage for ranged heroes. But the other things are solely player competence.