Give Ringo weapon scalings

If there is already a threat about that I am sorry but I am to lazy to go look it up.

The title says it, i don’t understand why Ringo has only cristal scalings, it’s just make no sense for me. I think they either should change his passif, and make him a full cristal hero, or just give him some scalings, at least on his q, so that he is a bit stronger when build weapon, because compared to other heroes like Gwen, Baron, Idris or even Skye, who have at least one ability that scale with weapon power, Ringo i has nothing and surprisingly cp Ringo is stronger than wp Ringo.

I think that this has already been mentioned a thousand times, but I am a ignorant internet person, and just wanted to point that out again.

this might sound like I’m against what you just said, but…

There’s a reason why some people prefer CP than WP… and why some prefer WP rather than CP… it’s play style.

There’s nothing Wrong with WP Ringo, I would even say WP Ringo is a team killer when played right.

I realized this a long time ago, that play style heavily effects which path you should take.
If you find CP ringo better… then stick with that.

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Yes i like playing CP Ringo but the problem is that I will and can mever bring him to ranked because he isn’t as strong as other heroes, which makes me sad because I really like Ringo, is it CP or WP. The issue I think there is, is that his passif is not good, in the sense of it’s useless when you play CP Ringo, and it gets useless when you have bought crit items with WP Ringo, and the passif is also really confusing because as said Ringo can be CP or WP as many other heroes, but it feels like he should be WP because of his passif.

If you gave him any kind of scaling he would instantly be OP. His heroic perk is incredible strong for poking and his B att speed buff enables him to lay down huge burst DMG late game, but also helps him early game vs most laners.

Find a friend and 1v1; youll be suprised to find that his WP side is probably stronger.

His heroic pers is really strong early game and should be exploited.