Ghost= Alpha?

I watched antman and the wasp movie like 8 minutes ago and yes…I’m easily influenced I LOVED THE GHOST character alpha looks similar

So how should I play alpha cp or Wp?

True they should give her a super cool something like this (without the gun and female obviously)

It would be called techno alpha or whatever lol

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i am something of an alpha main but i can’t help you is you play 5v5 because i do not play that mode uwu. in 3v3 alpha is great in jungle. she can flex either wp or cp. her co build always starts with after shock and then can grow into spellfire/dragons eye/broken myth. in wp it is usually best to get sorrowblade first and then decide if you want to do crit or sustain. only go crit if none of your enemies have heaps of strong cc. you should invade whenever you can do so safely and try and destroy the enemy sentry no matter what build. alpha is great at diving but not very good at escapes so keep that in mind. if you want better escapes get vision on jungle monsters to help you see if you use prime directive or not. no matter which build overdrive b first. it increwases her damage alot because it gains bonus %. if youy are wp i would suggest getting the a overdrive after putting 2 points into the ult. on cp choose whether to overdrive your a for extra range or b for extra damage. if you have any questions ask :3

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You are a damn genius…I love it

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Cp alpha best burst alpha right???

crit is the best at bursting, cp alpha is bursty early on but will begin to rely on dragons eye later in the game as the teamfights drag out

Alpha is strong but it actually hard to play with bad teammates , her damage falloff late game and she turns to a complete potatoe , in ne of my games I was farming my jungle and enemy jungle , I took objectives , I was something like 10/1/5 , but we lost the game , because my team didn’t finish the game , we were almost ending the game last turrets , but my team decided to back to our base , I knew we lost that moment , because my damage was falling off , we couldn’t win any team fight after that until we lost.

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OMG something like that just happened to me but we were rekting them but we lost a couple fights due to getting poked in lane I wanted to fight in jungle…as rona I could just jump in and spin their face away