Gg semc best rank system

This is from one single loss. Fix your shit SEMC.


did you lose to SAs?
because thats how elo system works.

Lost to hotness golds , sa and 2 poa, with a credible threat gold in our team and a hotness gold, both cant aim. Ye im pretty sure youre not supposed to be matched with or againts people that far of a skill range in soloq, I also dont think youre supposed to lose ~50 elo a game in poa silver.

I’m currently tier 6 gold, if I play off peak times I get matched with poa’s and vg’s.
So I would say there is not many high tier players, and I would say hotness and above is now classed as high tier

Idk maybe they need to stop forcing queues to be less than 2 mins. SA is mid tier, poa silv+ is high tier.

Yeah, the matchmaker is absurd… noone want’s to play with players 2+ tiers from his. Before you got max +1 subtier, i.e. you are poa silver and can have poa bronze and poa gold players. Now it’s absurd + it’s funny when we consider how SEMC was super against playing with more than one tier apart and even forced a role so you can’t play with friends if not around the same tier.

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Props to SEMC, they sure do got a ton of diversity in their games.

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I think MM is completely ignoring Rank at the moment.

it’s like this -
2400 + 900 + 900 + 900 + 900 = 6000

1100 + 1200 + 1300 + 1400 + 1000 = 6000

That’s fair. ok, let’s match dem together.

It’s purely random luck who’s online at the same time as you.

Yeah, they need to redefine what a balanced match is. It should be that the average elo per team should be within a 200 elo range of at least 3 teammates.

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Yeah, the matchmaker lately seems to have been borrowed from Mobile Legends. Ugh.

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