Get your Hot Vainglory Ringtones!

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"Here’s the deal I’ve figured out a way to get your favorite hero dialogue as ringtones!
Unfortunatley there’s A LOT of lines out there and only one of me, so it’ll take a while to upload what is desired!

Next Update:

Here is where I’ll link the ringtones for each specific character.

“Well I’m part elder dragon and part beat your ass”
iOS- Part.m4r
Android- Part.mp3

“Beep Boop Boop Beep”
iOS- Beep.m4r
Android- Beep.mp3

“Anyone have a wrench I need to use the latrine”
iOS- Wrench.m4r
Android- Wrench.mp3

“Default setting are for amatuers”
iOS- Default.m4r
Android- Default.mp3

“The shades are itching for a fight”
iOS- Shades.m4r
Android- Shades.mp3

“The living are just the dead, on holiday”
iOS- Holiday.m4r
Android- Holiday.mp3

“Life is pain, I will bring you peace”
iOS- Life.m4r
Android- Life.mp3

“Your funeral, my party”
Coming soon

“My blade is quick, like a blender on ice crush”
iOS- Blender.m4r
Android- Blender.mp3

“I don’t hate you I don’t even know you and in an hours of time, I won’t even remember you”
iOS- I Don’t.m4r
Android- I Don’t.mp3

“The sooner the better”
iOS- Sooner.m4r
Android- Sooner.mp3

“This is your world, but it is my galaxy”

“The speed of light should be fast enough”

“I go through so much conditioner!”

“Don’t make me whip my hair back and forth!”

“Starlight, star bright, blah blah blah, let’s attack something!”
iOS- Starlight.m4r
Android- Starlight.mp3

“I quite like peanut butter!”
iOS- Peanut Butter.m4r
Android- Peanut Butter.mp3

“You’ll frighten the crickets!”
iOS- Crickets.m4r
Android- Crickets.mp3

“I claim this land for the bleekos!”
iOS- Claim.m4r
Android- Claim.mp3

“I hate vegetables so that’s all I eat”
iOS- Eat.m4r
Android- Eat.mp3

“Vegetables should be roasted slowly to prolong their suffering”
iOS- Vegetables.m4r
Android- Vegetables.mp3

“I’m an execellent comedian I’ll have you know”
iOS- Comedian.m4r
Android- Comedian.mp3

"Is that…Bacon?
iOS- Bacon.m4r
Android- Bacon.mp3

“I’m not saying you’re wrong, but you’re wrong”
iOS- Wrong.m4r
Android- Wrong.mp3

Ult Sound
iOS- Ult.m4r
Android- Ult.mp3

“Truth goes unarmed but I shall carry a spear”
iOS- Truth.m4r
Android- Truth.mp3

“At the narrow passage, there are no friends”
Coming Soon

“My name is a killing word”
Coming soon

“I’m never wrong I just get bad intel”
iOS- Bad Intel.m4r
Android- Bad Intel.mp3

“Meh, too easy”
iOS- Too Easy.m4r
Android- Too Easy.mp3

“Absolutley Not”
iOS- Absolutley Not.m4r
Android- Absolutley Not.mp3

“Evil laugh”
iOS- Evil Laugh.m4r
Android- Evil Laugh.mp3

“After you”
iOS- After You.m4r
Android- After You.mp3

“Stay in your lane”
iOS- Stay.m4r
Android- Stay.mp3

iOS- Poke.m4r
Android- Poke.mp3

“Don’t step in that… I warned you”
iOS- Don’t Step.m4r
Android- Don’t Step.mp3

“Get in line”
iOS- Get In Line.m4r
Android- Get In Line.mp3

iOS- Poof.m4r
Android- Poof.mp3

“Welcome to my Crosshairs”
iOS- Crosshairs.m4r
Android- Crosshairs.mp3

“Spin in the wind weather vane”
iOS- Spin.m4r
Android= Spin.mp3

“Challenge Please”
iOS- Challenge.m4r
Android- Challenge.mp3

Ult sound
iOS- Ult.m4r
Android- Ult.mp3

“Okay, but let’s run faster!”
iOS- Run Faster.m4r
Android- Run Faster.mp3

“The NA is far greater than the EU”
iOS- Na Eu.m4r
Android- Na Eu.mp3

“Time for Rolling!”
iOS- Rolling.m4r
Android- Rolling.mp3

“Let us meditate on this moment”
iOS- Medidate.m4r
Android- Medidate.mp3

“Okay, okay, okay, go, go GO, AHHHHHHHHH!”
iOS- Scream.m4r
Android- Scream.mp3

“From Earth we sprout, for earth we fight!”
iOS- From Earth.m4r
Android- From Earth.mp3

“Ha Hue Hue!”
iOS- Ha Hue.m4r
Android- Ha Hue.mp3

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”
iOS- Ha Ha.m4r
Android- Ha Ha.mp3

iOS- Yahoo.m4r
Android- Yahoo.mp3

“Let’s play a game where you stop talking to me”
iOS- Let’s Play.m4r
Android- Let’s Play.mp3

“I’m not happy unless I’m going Mach 2 with my hair on fire”

“Tell your mom to stop calling me”

“Break beats, Break necks!”
iOS- Break.m4r
Android- Break.mp3

Request a ringtone
In order to request a ringtone just tell me which line you want from a character. I’ll post both the iOS and Android versions.:wink:
I’ll edit them into this thread

Help Center
If you can’t use your awesome ringtone look here for solutions!
iOS Troubleshooting
+Ringtone appears greyed out in iTunes

This is happening because you cannot directly upload ringtones to your device. Instead you will have to put it in your Tones iTunes Library first
To do so, Go back to your iTunes Library
Screenshot (3)_LI
Then select the drop down box and select Tones
Screenshot (4)
Now drag and drop the ringtone files into the library and it should work

Now once they’re in your library, drag the ringtones to the left until you see your device pop-up, then simply drop it to send it to your device!

Note: You MUST have iTunes installed in order to install these ringtones to your iOS devices!"