gen:LOCK <- RWBY <- Red vs. Blue!?


I can’t recall if this was from some limited research on Wikipedia, or an article, but is it true the creators of the hilarious Halo game based web series Red vs Blue are behind both RWBY and gen:LOCK!?




Awesome. This now means 2 things and leads to 1 question;

  • I will be rewatching Red vs Blue because it’s hilarious and nostalgic
  • I will then begin to watch either RWBY or gen:LOCK (leading towards gen because of MBJ and Arya - I mean, Maisie) or BOTH!

Question: how does one watch gen or rwby?


Best way to watch both of them is on RT’s web site (or through their mobile app), imo.

gen:LOCK is only 8 episodes long so far (and is GREAT), so once you finish that, you can dig into RWBY!

I’ve got a recommended way to watch RWBY someplace — I’ll find it and repost here :rwby_ruby:


Oh no @hazeleyes you’ve made another take the :rwby_ruby::rwby_weiss::rwby_blake::rwby_yang: bait…


Well, not to stymie @hazeleyes, but it’s more the fact that these are (or some of the) folks who made Red vs. Blue. I remember my older brother and I laughing so hard and loving those short clips. It’s so cool to see how far those folks have come in producing scripts and shows that are capturing more and more viewers! I also like the voice over cast of gen - it must be good!

Not to say I don’t <3 hazel, because I do. Just can’t let it go to the head! =P


Lol … FYI, RvB just wrapped their 17th season, in case you didn’t know :sunglasses: